Timekeeping / Scorekeeping & Game Score Entry

Off-Ice Officials:

 U7 - The home team shall appoint the timekeeper who will ensure the horn blows at the proper intervals; No scores need to be posted. No game sheets are required in SMHA U7 league play;

 U9 - Both teams will supply one (1) volunteer each to work the game - one volunteer will run the clock and ensure the horn blows at the proper intervals; The volunteer from the other team shall look after the score sheet, ensuring that there is a roster from both teams (including the team officials on the bench) on the game sheet and to also record goals, assists and penalties.

 U11-U18 - The home teams will supply the volunteer off-ice officials for the game - the clock worker, the score keeper as well as at least one volunteer to work the penalty box gates. One volunteer per penalty box should be in place for U15 & U18 games with body checking. The home team shall supply the warm up and game pucks for both teams to speed up the collection of pucks at the conclusion of warm up.

CLICK HERE FOR the Regular Season Game Timing Information for all SMHA teams

Game Score Entry:

 In U13 & older age divisions, the winning team is responsible for entering the game score via the TeamLinkt app.  In the case of a tie, the home team is responsible to enter the game score unless the two teams make other arrangements for score entry.

** Please enter a maximum of a 7-goal differential for game score entry.  Example - if the actual game score was 12-3, please enter 10-3.

** This is the maximum single game differential permitted in the Hockey Sask tie-breaker regulation.  Scores entered with greater than a 7-goal differential will be modified to reflect a 7-goal diffeential to ensure accurate tie-breaker calculations for Provincial Playdowns standings and City Playoff Standings.

Game Sheets - Post Game

For all SMHA regular season or playoff games played in SMHA rinks, neither team needs to do anything after the game with respect to game sheets other than collect their yellow or pink copy from the referee to take with them.  The referees will place the white copy in the SMHA game sheet pick up boxes located at each rink.

For games played in interlock centres - Clavet, Martensville, Delisle or Warman - the home team is responsible for sending in a scan or photo of the white copy of the game sheet to Irene at SMHA at smha@sasktel.net - please send in a scan or photo of both sides  of the game sheet if the referee has written anything on the back side of the game sheet.  Please send in the game sheet scan / photo immediately after the game or by the next morning at the latest. Please keep the white copy until the end of the season in case it is required for any reason by SMHA or Hockey Saskatchewan.

Games in interlock centres - SMHA team just needs to collect their yellow or pink copy of the game sheet after the game from the referee.