If your SMHA team is interested in purchasing extra practice ice please click here

Any extra ice available will be sold at a price of $235.00 per hour plus service charge to SMHA teams only.

Ice is sold on a first-come-first-served basis and must be paid for when booking.

Once the team receives its confirmation and receipt for the ice purchase, a Team Admin for the team is responsible for adding the purchased practice ice time to their team's TeamLinkt schedule so the familes on their team are aware of the new ice time on their schedule.

Why does SMHA sometimes have extra ice available for sale?

SMHA does its best each spring / summer to gather as much ice as possible from our ice suppliers - the City of Saskatoon (ACT, Archibald, Cosmo, Kinsmen and Lions), Canlan IceSports (Jemini and Agriplace), Rod Hamm /Harold Latrace, Merlis Belsher Place (Spectator & Community), Granatier Sportplex and Schroh Arena. 

This ice is then allocated to the SMHA programs - U7 through U18 in all levels in minor and female hockey.  There will be bits and pieces of ice open during the season that fall on the fringes of the program allocations.  These extra ice times will be allocated for sale to SMHA teams on a first-come-first-served basis. Sometimes the extra ice times get used for make-up games that were cancelled due to unforeseen issues such as ice issues, power failures, weather cancellations, etc.

There is also extra ice purposely held in March for use by SMHA reps in Hockey Saskatchewan provincial playoff games as well as for league playoffs for SMHA teams that do not play in SMHA leagues but in provincial leagues - U18 AAA, U15 AA, U16AA and U18 AA in minor, Female U13AA, Female U15 A, Female U15 AA, Female U18 A,  Female U18 AA and Female U18 AAA.  All of these games are scheduled by the teams so there is no way of knowing when the games will need to be played.  Therefore, there is additional ice available for sale for the ice times not used for these playoff and provincial games.

SMHA charges SMHA teams a reduced rate for this ice.  SMHA must pay for this ice to the suppliers listed above - this is why there is a charge for the extra ice that is put out to our teams.

Thank you.