On-Ice Officials Game Change Procedure

Before any game change procedures can take place, the referee giving the game away (the Assigned Referee) must ensure three (3) things:

     1)  The person taking the game (New Referee) must be in either the same pool or higher as the Assigned Referee.
     2)  The New Referee must have the date open. This means that if the New Referee has the date blocked, the date must be unblocked before the game change can be processed.
     3)  If the trade is for a game less than 48 hours away, they must contact the Assignor (smha.assign@gmail.com) to ensure that the trade is okay.
     4) If the trade is for a game on the same day, after business hours, the official must contact the Ref Hotline (306-382-REFS) to make sure that the trade is OK, and then also send an email to the Ref Assignor to verify the trade (smha.assign@gmail.com)

*** Even when the change has been approved, the Assigned Referee must send an email as outlined below regarding the change. ***

The following steps must be followed in order for the game change to be completed. If these steps are not followed then the Assigned Refereee will be sent an email explaining why the game change cannot be processed:

     1)  The following information must be copied and pasted into an email. This email must be sent to the Assignor at smha.assign@gmail.com with the New Referee being copied (cc) on the email. The Referee giving away the game must be the person to send the email.


           Game Number(s):

           Assigned Referee:

           New Referee:

     2)  If either the proper information is not present, the New Referee is not ranked at the appropriate level, or if the New Referee is not available then the trade will not occur. This is why it is so important to ensure the proper steps are taken to ensure the trade happens.
     3)  Until the game is changed on Arbiter, the game still belongs to the Assigned Referee.


Thank you for your cooperation. If you have questions, please contact SMHA Referees Coordinator Christa Parent, smha.assign@gmail.com