Referee -  Description of Duties:

For many of you, being a referee and understanding the responsibilities that go with it is not new. However, for those of you that are new to refereeing, this is a reminder that being a referee is like a job. Although you volunteer to as to when you would like to referee minor hockey, you are still paid an honorarium for the games that you work.  Like a job, refereeing comes with benefits, but it also has certain responsibilities.

Position Title: Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association Referees Division Hockey Official

Report to: Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association Referees Division Referee-in-Chief


  • If you are a new official to SMHA, you need to fill out a SMHA Registration Form before you will be added to our scheduling software and assigned any games.
  • ​All officials need to recertify every year.  Certification is only valid for one year.  Please see the Hockey Saskatchewan website to complete your officiating certification annually.
  • ​Read all pages on the Referees Division area on the SMHA website annually.
  • Update your Arbiter account with your availability and keep your account updated as your availability changes.  The referee coordinator will let you know by email when the deadline is for entering in your availability for the next set of upcoming games. 
  • Once games have been assigned to you based on the availability that you’ve entered in Arbiter, you are responsible to work all hockey games assigned to you.  Please do not call the no show line or the referee coordinator to say that you can’t do the game, or decline the games.  You are responsible for finding your own replacement that is qualified for that level if you cannot officiate the game.  See Game Change Procedures on how to make a switch.
  • Ensure that the SMHA Referee Coordinator is made aware of all changes.  Contact with the game number, date, times, rink, and names when making a switch.
  • Ensure that your hockey games start on time and that there are no delays in returning after floods.
  • All members are expected to follow and uphold the Hockey Canada Officiating Program’s (HCOP’s) Official’s Code of Ethics as well as all SMHA Referees Division regulations.
  • Each SMHA Hockey Official is responsible for carrying out his/her duties and assignments in a manner that will gain respect for both officials and officiating.
  • Attend all SMHA Referee Division educational meetings as scheduled throughout the season.
  • Dress neat and tidy; no sweats, pajama bottoms, rips, or clothing branded with your home hockey zone.
  • Obtain crests for reffing jerseys through the Hockey Saskatchewan Website.
  • You must be at the rink 30 minutes prior to assigned game.  If you are running late, caught in traffic or bad weather, are sick at the last minute, etc. call the No-Show Line (306) 382-7337.  Please note that the Referee Coordinator office hours are until 4pm, any changes past that time on the day of a scheduled game will have to be made through the No-Show Line.
  • If your partner is not at the rink 20 minutes prior to the game, you must call the No-Show line.  Officials that have a partner that does not show up for their game will be entitled to some additional pay if they call the Hotline 20 minutes prior to the game and we are not able to find a last-minute replacement – if that call is not made to the Hotline 20 minutes prior to the game to allow us time to try to find a last-minute replacement or to contact the scheduled official, then no additional pay will be awarded to the official who is there for the game.  If the official is at the rink without a phone, please ask another official to use their phone, or speak to a coach from one of the teams and use their phone or get them to call the No-Show Line.


  • Member of the Hockey Saskatchewan Referee's Division (must re-register every year)
  • Attended a Hockey Saskatchewan Officials Clinic (must attend a clinic every year)
  • Member of the SMHA Referees Division
  • 12 years of age or older
  • Obtained Criminal Record Check if age 18 and older and submitted the completed CRC letter to Hockey Saskatchewan (required every three years)