Dress code:

No ripped jeans, sweats, pyjama pants, or clothing with zone or team logos

- Failure to dress properly will result in disciplinary action being taken

Be On Time:

- On-ice officials are expected to be at the rink 25-30 minutes prior to the start of your first game.

- It is your responsibility to make sure the game starts on time.

- If a game starts late report this reason on the back of the game sheet.

- Notify the Referee Hotline - 306-382-7337 -  if your partners have not arrived at the rink at least 20 minutes prior to game time. 

         If you are unable to reach the assignor directly, leave a message or text the line and phone any Referee Division Committee member.

         Failure to do so will eliminate the opportunity for that official(s) to receive “No-Show Pay”.

         (Please refer to the section of the Discipline Section entitled “No Shows”)

- If you are running late, text or call directly to the other officials to inform that you will be late. Phone numbers for all of the rinks are available here. Also contact the Ref Hotline at 306-382-7337 to inform her you are going to be late.

- By following this procedure and providing you are at the rink and ready to go before the puck drops you will not get fined for being late.

Game Sheets:

- It is your responsibility to make sure the game sheet is filled out properly and entirely and signed, and a report must be made if there are any incidents in the game (please refer to SMHA Game Sheets).

Keep The Ref Room Clean:

- In the past we have had problems with cleanliness in the referee dressing rooms of some rinks. It is every official’s responsibility to leave the dressing room cleaner than they found it. That is our only friendly environment in a rink so please do not mess it up.

Be Professional:

- It is your responsibility to act as professionally as possible while being a referee for the Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association. 

Remember there is ALWAYS someone watching you and analyzing your actions. 

Conduct unbecoming of an official will be dealt with accordingly