SMHA Third Jersey Regulation:

SMHA teams may utilize third jerseys with their home zone's permission in the following leagues:

U13A, U13 B, U13 C, U15 B, U15 C, U18 A, U18 B, U18 C

Third jerseys must:
- feature the colour of the zone
- have the logo and colour scheme approved by their home zone prior to ordering the jerseys
- have the Stop Sign on the back of the jersey below the collar line and above the player number - APPLIES TO ALL TEAMS;

Third Jerseys are NOT permitted in the following leagues:

- All U7, all U9 and all U11 due to sponsors that supply jerseys for these ages.

          **Thank you to Tim Hortons for supplying home and away Timbits jerseys and socks to all SMHA U7 and U9 teams.

          **Thank you to McDonalds and their atoMc program for supplying all home and away jerseys and socks for all SMHA U11 teams.

- U15A City Wide league due to SMHA's partnership with the SJHL to use their jersey and logo designs.

Approved by SMHA Board May 7, 2019 and updated March 2, 2020 & April 19, 2021 & August 19, 2022