SMHA Discipline Committee – Emphasis on Team Discipline

  • SMHA teams are expected to be disciplined, exhibit good sportsmanship and treat officials and opponents with respect;
  • Players, team officials and parents are expected to adhere to SMHA codes of conduct in addition to playing rules and regulations as set out by governing bodies;
  • Team coaching staff is accountable for ensuring good sportsmanship, team discipline and are expected to ensure that their players respect the rules of the game and play in a manner that is safe for all participants.
  • If required, coaching staffs are expected to provide additional discipline when their players / team staff display unsportsmanlike behaviour and/or when players commit dangerous on-ice infractions such as checking from behind, head hits and stick work;
SMHA Supports Team Officials Holding their Teams Accountable to play Safely
  • Coaches need to know they have the support of SMHA in order for them to hold their players /.team staff accountable for safe and sportsmanlike play;
  • SMHA encourages Coaching Staffs to be proactive with reducing the potential for discipline issues;
  • Team coaching staff should lay out Team Discipline procedures for players, team staff and parents at the pre-season Parents meeting;
  • On an escalating scale, coaching staffs may use ice time to discipline players or to emphasize that unsafe play or usnportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated;
  • Coaches may sit out a player for one or more shifts up to a period or a game (on an escalating scale) for discipline for misconduct that occurs on or off the ice;
  • Team discipline shall be administered in a fair manner:
  1. The player / team official has a right to know why he/she is being disciplined;
  2. The player / team official has a right to offer a defense or explanation to dispute the discipline issued;
  3. Unless for very minor issues, the coaching staff is expected to inform the player’s parents about the reason for discipline being required and possible ramifications for continuation of the misbehaviour;
  4. Where appropriate, the coaching staff may want to involve the player’s parents in the disciplinary process;
  5. All players / team staff on the team should be treated consistently with respect to the implementation of team discipline;

Introduction of SMHA Team Discipline Measures:
  • By supporting and expecting accountability from coaching staffs and coaches expecting accountability from their teams, SMHA will be able to increase safety and reduce the number of suspensions in our leagues;
  • However, there may be occasion where a team does not play with discipline and SMHA will be required to monitor and, where necessary, discipline Head Coaches of teams that do not adhere to disciplined and safe play;
  • SMHA Team Discipline Oversight :
After a team has two players and/or team officials receive suspensions for infractions leading directly to games being lost due to suspension, the Head Coach will be contacted by email by the Discipline Committee and informed that a one-game suspension may be issued to the Head Coach if a third player / team official on the team receives an infraction that carries a suspension;

- If a 4th player / team official is suspended, the Head Coach may be suspended up to two games;
- If a 5th player / team official is suspended, the Head Coach will receive a suspension of up to three games;
- If a 6th player / team official is suspended, the Head Coach will be suspended indefinitely and subject to a SMHA Discipline Committee hearing;


Summary - Discipline and Safety Accountability
  • SMHA is accountable to the game of hockey and to our registered families to provide the safest environment possible for our players;
  • Team officials are accountable to SMHA to encourage safety and discipline in all of their players;
  • Players are accountable to their coaches, teammates and to their opponents to play disciplined and in a safe manner;
Approved September 11, 2017 and updated April 1, 2019 by the SMHA Board of Directors