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Non-Sanctioned Hockey Participation - SMHA Sanctions in addition to Hockey Saskatchewan Sanctions

Please click here for the Hockey Sask Policy on Non-Sanctioned Hockey during the Fall / Winter Season


SMHA'S policy works in concert with and in addition to the Hockey Saskatchewan policy linked above.

Any player (male or female) who was previously registered with Hockey Saskatchewan and who participates in a Non-Sanctioned hockey league during the regular fall-winter hockey season in whole or in part at any age level, will be subject to the following sanctions from SMHA:

  • The player will be restricted from playing or affiliating to a SMHA AA team (U13 AA, U15 AA, U16AA and U18 AA) for one (1) year for each year of participation in a Non-Sanctioned hockey league. This may or may not be the first season returning to SMHA;
  • The player participating in a Non -Sanctioned League will lose any right to apply for an exceptional player concession (age advancement) indefinitely within SMHA ;
  • Any player, coach or team official or on-ice official participating in a Non-Sanctioned League may also be subject to further sanctions imposed by Hockey Sask;
  • Team Officials (Coaches, Assistant Coaches, On-ice helpers, Managers, and Trainers) and On-ice Officials will be subject to sanctions imposed and previously announced by Hockey Sask;.
  • Any parents of players participating in Non-Sanctioned Hockey Leagues may be subject to indefinite suspension from being a registered team official in the future in SMHA;
  •  Any parents of players participating in Non-Sanctioned Hockey Leagues are ineligible to be a SMHA Board of Directors member or a SMHA Zone Executive or Board member. 
Approved by SMHA Board of Directors August 12, 2019