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C A N A D A                                                                          

PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN                                        
R E G I S T E R E D February 6, 1974
Registrar of Companies




The name of this corporation shall be " Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association Inc." hereinafter referred to as the Corporation..
The aims and objectives of this corporation shall be:
(a)  To promote, govern, and improve organized hockey within the territory under its control.
(b)  To stress the values, appreciations, and skills involved in hockey.
(c) To exercise a general supervision and direction over the playing interests of its players coaches, managers and executives with the emphasis on the enhancement of good character, citizenship, and sportsmanship.
(d) To ensure that there is enjoyment of the game at the same time that good competition is involved.
(e)  To develop as many teams at each level as are practical and economically feasible.
(f)  To develop for each of its hockey programs (U7, U9, U11, AA, A, B & C, Female) an outline of aims and objectives consistent with the aims and objectives of the SMHA and further to provide a program outline to meet these specified aims and objectives.
(g)  To promote an educational program to familiarize the membership with the aims, purpose, bylaws, rules and regulations of SMHA.
(h)  To ensure that every player registered in the SMHA has the opportunity to play at his/her highest level or tier possible.
(a)  Membership is open to any team not affiliated with any other organized league or association.   Teams may be admitted subject to the approval of the SMHA Board of Directors by application to the Executive Director.
(b) A hockey team admitted to SMHA Inc. becomes a member of  SMHA Inc. upon payment of the league entry / administration fee.  The registered MANAGER and COACH become voting members of SMHA at the Annual Meeting of SMHA.
(c) All other officials of  SMHA Inc. under Article 6 (a) (I) (a) and (b) below will become voting members of SMHA at the Annual Meeting of the SMHA.
(d) Duly elected Zone Executive, as filed at the SMHA Office, become members of SMHA with the right to vote at the Annual Meeting of the SMHA.
(e) Notwithstanding anything above in reference to membership, the principle of one member - one vote shall be in effect.
This Corporation by virtue of its affiliation with Hockey Saskatchewan is a member of Hockey Canada, the governing body of amateur hockey in Canada.
That SMHA Inc. shall have direct jurisdiction to register and govern all age groups of hockey below the category of U22 in the City of Saskatoon. 
(a)  The SMHA shall operate through:
                 (i)  A Board of Directors consisting of a:
                                (a)         Past President
                                                1st Vice President
                                                2nd Vice President
                                                Chairperson - U7
                                                Chairperson - U9
                                                Chairperson - U11
                                                Chairperson – AA
                                                Chairperson – A, B & C
                                                Chairperson – Goaltender Development
                                 (b)          The Zone Commissioners or his/her designate; and,
                (ii)    The Executive Director (non-voting); and,
                (iii)  The Office Administrator (non-voting)
(b) The Board of Directors shall have the power to suspend any voting member (as defined in Article 3), any player, trainer and any other team official connected with any member team.
This Corporation, at any annual, special, general, or regular Board of Directors meeting, may adopt, amend,  revise, or repeal rules or regulations for the governance of this organization provided that thirty days’ notice in writing has previously been given to the Executive Director of the organization and communicated by him to the members of the Board of Directors at least fifteen days prior to the holding of such meeting, provided, however, that at any Board of Directors meetings so held, the notice herein required may be waived by a majority vote.
(a) The Bylaws of the Corporation shall not be altered except at an Annual Meeting and notice of the proposed alteration shall be given to the Executive Director in writing not later than March  15 prior to the Annual Meeting and he shall forthwith notify all those entitled to vote at such Annual Meeting.  An amendment to the Bylaws shall be made only at the Annual Meeting by a three-quarters majority of the members voting thereon.
(b) Without prior notice an amendment to the Bylaws of SMHA may be presented only after unanimous consent of those members present is obtained.
Board of Directors Meetings - a quorum shall consist of a majority of the Board of Directors and shall include either the President or the 1st Vice President or both.
(a) Meetings shall be called only by the President, and the Executive Director shall duly notify the Board of Directors of the time and place of such meetings.
(b) The Annual Meeting of the SMHA shall be held during the month of April as soon as possible after the completion of the SMHA hockey programs.  The date, time, and place shall be set by the Board of Directors.
The Zones from which teams will enter for competition shall be determined in the best interests of the SMHA by the Board of Directors.
Duties of the Officers:
(a)  Past President:
(i)            To act in an advisory capacity to the current Board.
(ii)           To serve on committees as appointed by the President.
(iii)          Chairperson of the AAA Committee, Nominating Committee and Long Term Planning Committee.
(iv)          Past President's term of office will be two years;
(b)  President:
(i)            To preside at all general, Board of Directors, special and annual meetings.
(ii)           To give notice of all special, general, and annual meetings and have all concerned notified.
(iii)          To perform such duties as are usually performed by the President, and generally to oversee the business of the SMHA.
(iv)          To be an ex-officio member of all committees of SMHA.
(c)  1st Vice President:
(i)            To assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.
(ii)           To oversee the administration of SMHA in regard to leagues and playoffs. 
(iii)           When deemed necessary by the Board to acquire corporate, civic, provincial and federal sponsorship for programs of the SMHA.       
(iv)          To serve as Chairperson of the Ice Allocations Committee.
(v)           To serve as Chairperson of the following committees:
                                - (1) Appeals; (2) Protests
(vi)          To serve as Chairperson of the Finance Committee.
(vii)         To act as Chairperson in charge of media relations and communication.
(d)  2nd Vice President:
(i)            To serve as Chairperson in charge of discipline and suspensions.
(ii)           To carry out any duties designated by the President.
(iii)          To keep records of suspensions.
(iv)          To impose directly or in his/her absence through his/her designate, which shall be a member of the Board of the Directors of the SMHA,  suspensions on  players, coaches, or managers where deemed necessary and report the same to the SMHA Office in order that a file of all suspensions may be maintained.
(e)  Chairperson - All Divisions:
(i)            To carry out any duties designated by the President.
(ii)           To act as Chairperson of the Central Program Committee for his/her division and be responsible for all leagues in his/her division and the coordination of these leagues in the best interest of the SMHA.
(iii)          In the U7 Program, U9 Program and U11 Program to be responsible for the establishment and coordination of the developmental program for this group.
(iv)          To serve as a member of the Ice Allocations, Appeals, Protests and Awards Committees.
(v)           To keep win-loss record, if necessary, on all leagues in his/her program.
(vi)          To assist the 2nd Vice President, when called upon, on suspensions pertaining to his/her division.
(vii)         To assist with allocation and scheduling when necessary
(viii)        To serve as host Chairperson for any Provincial Tournament that is hosted by the SMHA on behalf of Hockey Saskatchewan in his/her division.
(f)  Office Administrator (appointed):
(i)            The Office Administrator shall be recommended by the Executive Director to the Executive Committee consisting of the Executive Director, the current President or his/her appointee and two of the immediate Past President, the 1st Vice President and the 2nd Vice President. The recommended person must then be approved by the majority of the Board of Directors and is responsible to the Executive Director.
(ii)           To keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the SMHA.
(iii)          To take care of such correspondence as is delegated to him/her by the Board of Directors or Executive Director.
(iv)          To ensure that all forms and directives are available to Zone Commissioners for distribution.
(v)           To distribute notices and minutes of all meetings.
(vi)          To prepare in an orderly manner all documents which are forwarded to a printer for duplication.
(vii)         To work with the ice allocation chairperson, when required, to allocate the ice to the various programs.
(viii)        To work with the chairpersons in scheduling the various leagues and to prepare and distribute the schedules.
(ix)          To pay all accounts on a timely basis
(x)           To keep an accurate record of all moneys received and disbursed and report same at each regular meeting.
(xi)          To present an interim income and expense statement at the Annual Meeting of Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association Inc.
(xii)         To make application for grants from the City of Saskatoon
(xiii)        To carry out any duties relative to his/her office
(xiv)        To prepare, in conjunction with the Executive Director and the Finance Committee, a budget for the year following, by September 30 of each year.
(xv)         To notify the Board of Directors of any delinquent registration accounts on or before January 1.
(xvi)         Immediately after the Annual Meeting to make arrangements to establish the bank signing authority.
(g)  Executive Director:
(i)            The Executive Director shall be recommended by the Executive Committee consisting of the current President or his/her appointee and two of the immediate Past President, the 1st Vice President, and the 2nd Vice President.  The recommended person must then be approved by the majority of the Board of Directors
(ii)           The Executive Director shall be responsible for the administration and operation of the office and the employees as per the policies and guidelines established by the Board.
(iii)          To prepare and distribute a rink package (schedules, score sheets, constitutions, etc.) to rink operators
(iv)          To keep a register of all teams in the SMHA.
(v)           To be liaison with the Zones and to be responsible for organizing the Zone concept including recruiting and training of volunteers involved in coaching, managing and administering Zone hockey.
(vi)          To handle all correspondence on behalf of the SMHA except that delegated to the Office Administrator.
(vii)         To assist the President in preparing a list of duties to be assigned to officers appointed by the Board of Directors.
(viii)        To receive annually from each Zone Commissioner or his designate the registration fees and the registration forms of teams and players at the zone level.        
(ix)          To register SMHA teams for the Hockey Saskatchewan provincial playoffs.
(x)           To serve as a member of the Finance, Long Term Planning and Ice Allocation Committees.
(xi)          To serve as Chairperson of the Trophy and Award Committee and Registration Committees.
(xii)         To arrange and supervise Provincial Playoff games.
(xiii)        The Executive Director shall not have a vote at any meeting of the SMHA other than when the Executive Director is appointed to a committee of the SMHA where he/she shall have a vote.
(xiv)        To maintain all game report sheets in an orderly manner and act as statistician     
(xv)         To receive and certify all certificates submitted to him/her on behalf of the players applying for registration in the SMHA; and to keep a register of all players in the SMHA.
(xvi)        To process all certifications and inform Zone Commissioners of any difficulties.
(h)  Zone Commissioners:
(i)            To administer his/her Zone as set out by the SMHA's Bylaws and Regulations.
(ii)           To be responsible for ensuring that all Zones are administered uniformly in all respects.
(iii)          To be the official spokesman for his/her zone.
(iv)          To organize meetings for the purpose of filling the positions in his/her Zone, such as Program Coordinators who will represent the Zone on their respective Central Program committees.
(v)           To supervise Coordinators in the operation of their Programs, in drawing up of schedules and having them turned into the SMHA Office, in reporting of infractions and the general conduct of his/her Zone.  Minutes of the Zone meetings should be made available to the SMHA Office.
(vi)          To ensure that meetings are held regularly with Program Coordinators, coaches and managers.
(vii)         To impose suspensions on players, coaches, or managers where deemed necessary, and report the same to the SMHA Office in order that a file of all suspensions may be maintained.

(i)  Referee-in Chief:
(i)            The Referee-in-Chief (RIC) will be the Chairperson of the SMHA Referees Division Committee.
(ii)           The RIC must be a registered Hokcey Saskatchewan official in good standing with at least five years experience as a referee.  He or she must have sat on the SMHA Referees Division Committee within the past two years.
(iii)          Responsible to recruit and retain a five-member SMHA Referees Division Committee consisting of the RIC, Hockey Saskatchewan Referee Division committee Zone 6 members if possible; and members at large that are experienced registered on-ice officials
(iii)          To ensure the SMHA Referee’s Division develops and implements an evolving referee development, mentorship and supervision program – that will include on and off ice training for new and experienced officials.
(iv)          The Referee-in-Chief will be a full-voting member of the SMHA Board of Directors.
(v)           The RIC will report to the SMHA Board of Directors on the Development program as well as its progress.
(vi)          The RIC, along with the Referee Division Committee, is responsible for making recommendations to the Executive Director on the budget for the Referees Division. The budget will include proposed rates of pay for referees and supervisors for all leagues that the SMHA assigns referees to; training and education costs for ice rentals, room rentals, instructors, etc.; supervision budget; and any honorariums to be paid to Referee Division Committee.
 (vii)          The RIC shall assist the Executive Director with hiring a Referee Assignor for the SMHA whose responsibilities will be ensuring that referees are assigned to all games requiring referees and that all referees get paid accordingly for the games they volunteer to referee.
(viii)        To ensure that discipline procedures are in place for referees that do not show for hockey games or who behave outside the allowed codes of conduct.
(ix)          To ensure that all referees registered to the SMHA Referees Division are made aware of all policies and procedures.
(x)           To ensure that all referees registered to the SMHA Referees Division are classified into their proper levels based on their abilities and experience.
(XI)         To sit on the SMHA Discipline Committee;

(a) A proposed budget for the SMHA shall be prepared by the Finance Committee, by September 30 of the year of the proposed budget.
(b)  All funds earned by the SMHA through its activities shall be credited to the revenue account.
(c)  All expenditures shall be covered by invoice.
(d) Bank signing officers shall be any two of the President, 1st Vice President, Office Administrator, Executive Director, one of which must be either the Office Administrator or the Executive Director.
(e)  Each year the SMHA's financial records shall be audited as soon after July 31 as possible and the auditor's report presented at the first Board of Directors meeting held following its completion.
(f)  Each team registering with the SMHA shall be assessed an administration fee to assist in payment of expenses in connection with the operation of the SMHA.
Nomination and Election of Officers:
(a) A slate of candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors shall be presented by the Nominations Committee at the Annual Meeting.  Approval by the nominee must be obtained before the nomination is accepted.
(b) Nomination Process - nominations will not be accepted from the floor of the SMHA Annual General Meeting. To allow time for proper vetting of candidates, nominations for the Board of Directors must be submitted to the SMHA Nominating Committee through the Executive Director by March 1st. The Board of Directors will then present, if possible, a full slate of Directors for any open positions.
(c) All officers may stand for re-election.
(d) Persons wishing to be elected to the position of President of this Association must have served at least one year, within the last three years, on the Board of Directors of this Association.
(e) The elected members of the Board of Directors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of two years. The President, 1st Vice President, Chairperson - U7, Chairperson - U9, Chairperson – AA, and Chairperson – A, B & C Hockey, shall be elected in even-numbered years.  The 2nd Vice President, Chairperson - U11, Chairperson – Goaltending Development, and the Referee in Chief shall be elected in odd-numbered years.  Note: Persons wishing to be elected to the position of Referee-in-Chief of this Association must be a registered Hockey Saskatchewan Official in good standing who has served on the SMHA Referee Division Committee for at least one year, within the past two years.  The presentation of offices for the purposes of election shall be in the order established in Article 6 (a) (i) (a).
(f) The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the Past President and consist of those Board members who will be beginning their second year of office.
(g) Zone Commissioners shall be elected by the members of the Zone concerned at the meeting held for that purpose.  Such meetings shall be held on or before May 15 of that hockey year.
(h) A vacancy on the Board of Directors shall be filled by Appointment by the SMHA Board of Directors.  Such appointment to be effective after approval is obtained from the Board of Directors, and shall remain in effect until the next Annual General Meeting of the SMHA.
Subject to the exception explicitly provided for in Article 8, decisions passed by a quorum of the members at any general, special, annual or Board of Directors meeting on all matters pertaining to the operations and furtherance of the objectives of the Corporation shall be binding on all members of the Corporation.
Subject to The Non Profit Corporations Act, the corporation may borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as the Board of Directors shall decide at a Board meeting, and such moneys borrowed or raised shall be used to the furtherance of the purposes of the Corporation.
Subject to The Non Profit Corporations Act, the corporation may acquire and take by purchase, donation, devise or otherwise, land and personal property, and may sell, exchange, mortgage, lease, let, improve and develop same, and may erect and maintain necessary buildings, whosesoever situate for the furtherance of the rehabilitation program that shall be devised by the directors in general meeting.
Subject to The Non Profit Corporation Act, on dissolution of the corporation, its property and assets shall, after the payment of all liabilities, be donated for such charitable, benevolent or  education purposes as may be decided by the corporation at a general meeting.
(a)  Finance Committee:
1st Vice President (Chairperson)
Office Administrator
Executive Director
(b)  Protest Committee:
1st Vice President (Chairperson) or his/her designate;
Chairman of Division concerned or his/her designate;
One other Board of the Directors member to be appointed by the 1st Vice President.
No members of the committee shall be involved in circumstances leading to the protest.
(c)  Ice Allocations Committee:
1st Vice President (Chairperson)
Office Administrator, Chairpersons of U7, U9, U11, AA and A,B & C
Advisor:         Executive Director
(d)  Trophy and Awards Committee:
Executive Director (Chairperson)
Chairpersons of U7, U9, U11, AA and A, B & C
(e)  Appeals Committee:
1st Vice President (Chairperson) or his/her designate,
and any two other members of the Board of Directors.
No members of the committee shall be involved in circumstances leading to the appeal.
(f)  Nominations Committee:
Immediate Past President or an approved designate from the current SMHA Board of Directors (Chairperson) and other members of the Board of Directors beginning their 2nd year of office.
(g)  Central Program Committees:
1.  U7             2.  U9                3.  U11                 4. AA                 5.  A, B & C
Respective SMHA Program Chairperson and Respective Program Coordinator from each Zone.
(h)  Registration Committee:
Executive Director
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Program Chairperson concerned.
(i)  Referees Division Committee:
Chairperson – Referee-in-Chief.
Four members appointed by the Referee-in-Chief – preferably SHA Referee Committee Zone 6 members and the balance to be senior referees or former senior referees with at least five years’ experience as an official. The names of those appointed by the RIC to the committee must be reported to the Board of Directors by September 1 of each season.
Advisor:       Executive Director
(j) Long Term Planning Committee:
Chairperson - Past President or an approved designate from the Board of Directors
1st Vice President
2nd Vice President
Executive Director
(k) Discipline Committee:
2nd Vice President (Chairperson)
Program Chairperson concerned
Executive Director
(l) U18 AAA Committee:
Past President or designate (Chairperson)
1st Vice President
AA Chairperson
One additional SMHA Board member appointed annually
Saskatoon Blazers Team President
Saskatoon Contacts Team President
Saskatoon Stars Team President
Executive Director
We, being the Members of "Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association Inc.", do hereby adopt the above as the bylaws of the Corporation.  Dated the 21st day of January, A.D. 1974 and amended to April 27,1981, March 30, 1982, April 18, 1983, April 30, 1984, April 29, 1985, April 27, 1986, April 26,1987 April 24, 1988, April 9, 1989, April 8, 1990, April 12, 1992, April 4, 1993, April 10, 1994, April 2, 1995, April 2, 1996, April 8, 1997, April 7, 1998, April 6, 1999, April 5, 2000, April 4, 2001, April 10, 2002, April 12, 2005, April 16, 2015, April 25, 2018 , May 27, 2020 and April 10, 2024.