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TL/DR Page Summary:  Definition of the WESA Coach Squad and the process of how a member becomes more involved in league leadership.

What is the WESA Coach Squad?
The WESA Coach Squad are members who volunteer as Team Managing Coaches and softball clinic leaders.  They represent our current  Leaders, Facilitators, and Mentors. Coach Squad members attend league sponsored workshops & clinics,  the annual Autumn Coaches' Retreat, and the Spring Coaches' Conference.  Each year, our volunteer Managing Coaches draft members from those who have registered for that season.  But before the player draft can happen, the WESA Commission has to recruit volunteer Coaches to manage each team.  This is an important part of league organization because the selection of the Coaching Teams has a major effect on the experience of each individual member.  

WESA Coach  Squad members:

  • Attend WESA Coaching & Management Clinics.
  • Participate in the league Coaches' Retreats & Conferences.
  • Mentor other members with the skills they have to pass on.
  • Facilitate WESA skills clinics for the membership.
  • Help out at scrimmage games for Rookies and Novice players.

Coaching a Sunday Nooner Clinic

Interested in becoming part of the Leadership of WESA?  Thinking of coaching a clinic or managing a team?
Step 1: Read this page and the WESA Governing Manual.
Step 2: Speak to a Commission member about volunteering to get involved in the league.
Step 3: Attend clinics, help out other members and coaches with their duties including equipment management, event volunteers and more.

Coaching in WESA has evolved over the years.  As part of our efforts  to be more focused on the quality of the member experience, the league has moved towards a more transparent and inclusive approach to recruiting volunteers including our coaching members.   For many years, the membership has discussed ways to improve the member experience and explore the relationship between being a WESA member, volunteer, and coach.  We believe there is a clear relationship between volunteering and being a strong leader in WESA.  Even by simply knowing oneself, is to understand where one's volunteer efforts are best directed.

Coaching a Sunday Nooner Clinic

We made a significant first step in 2023 by more formally treating the Team Coach and assistant Coach as a Coaching Team.  We also began providing supports for our Coaching Teams in the form of retreats and putting their efforts front and centre when looking at the Code of Conduct and Agreements.   Also in 2023, WESA invited members to take a leadership role in our Sunday Nooner Clinics for all members, and the Softball Essential Clinics for new and novice players.  Those efforts have informed our dialogue with each other. 

In our efforts to build the Coach Squad we have implemented some efforts by asking Coaching Teams to split up to mentor new members, asking some to take a season off to allow for others to step up, and actively planning for nurturing of new talent in the league.  

Coaching a Sunday Nooner Clinic

Coaching is an essential part of the WESA experience for many members.  Coaching provides an opportunity to mentor others and give back to our community.  It is at the core of our Volunteers in Pride (ViP) approach to volunteerism in WESA.  Being a WESA ViP means that you understand that the league is a home for members of our community who place a high value on their WESA experience and the bonds of friendship they have built over the years.

For many, WESA is family.  Team Coaches have to be well versed on not only the nature of slo-pitch softball but on the traditions of WESA and our place in the the LGBT+ community.  WESA Coach Squad members are not only ViPs but they are leaders in the league.  They organize practices, manage teams, help explain the league's rules, policies and history, and make a big difference on a daily basis to the experience of each league member.

WESA 2024 Coaching Clinic
WESA's 2024 Coaching Clinic & Conference

We Are Team Built!
The best way to learn about something is to become involved in it.  The league actively encourages members to take every opportunity to learn the history of the league, the traditions of the sport, the rules of the game, and WESA's place in the community.   Get involved with your team's responsibilities such as making sure your dug out is clean after your games, help organize a team event, or become a WESA Scorekeeper.  Nothing happens in WESA without members making it happen!

Managing Team Coaches
Team management is done by the Coaching Team--both Head Coach and Assistant Coach.  To qualify to be a Managing Coach of a WESA Team, a Coach Squad member should:

  • Have a history of being a WESA ViP  (i.e., Scorekeepers, Clinic Leaders & Volunteers, Event Volunteers, Commission or Committee members).
  • Participate regularly in the league's Sunday Nooner Clinics
  • Attend the Coaches' Retreats, Clinics, and Conferences
  • Follow the WESA Code of Conduct, Member Agreement, and Coaching Contract.
  • Represent the league with professionalism and treat other league volunteers and members with respect.

Qualifications for a Team Assistant Coach
As part of the leadership of the league, Assistant Coaches play an important role in the experience of many WESA members.  Those members who regularly participate and contribute to the league and develop their skills (such as the Sunday Nooner Clinics, Softball Essentials Clinics,  practices, and scrimmage games) will be invited to assist and be mentored by a Head Coach.

Coach's Contract
WESA Managing Team Coaches have an agreement that contains a list of points that is acknowledged each season.  Please review the 2024 Coach's agreement  here.

Where do I start?
To express interest in joining the WESA Coach Squad, speak to a league coach or a member of the WESA Commission. Here are some email addresses to help:

  • For all volunteers opportunities, contact the League Commissioner at Commissioner (at) WESA.net.
  • For Skills Clinics, contact the Vice Commissioner at ViceCommissioner (at) WESA.net.
  • For Scorekeeping, contact the Rules & Regulations Commissioner at RulesAndRegulations (at) WESA.net.

WESA ViPs know that We Are Team Built!

This is your league. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

WESA 2024 Coachess Retreat
WESA 2024 Coaches' Retreat

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