Zone X Wild Hockey Payment Policy

Regular registration is open from June 1-June 30, with full fees being due by September 1st.

Late registration will take place from July 1- August 20 to register with your home zone and a $100 dollar late fee applied to all (except U7). Any registrations after August 20 must be made directly by contacting SMHA.

If full payment has not been received by September 1st, your player's registration record will be removed. Once removed, you must register as a late registrant via SMHA, be responsible for any late fees, and will not be guaranteed placement in the Wild zone.

Payment Methods for Registration

Registrants trying out for Saskatoon AA Hockey - Citywide (SAAH) are not required to pay at time of registration however, they are required to register with both SAAH and the Wild zone.  Should your child be released from SAAH, you will be contacted to make payment for your child to participate in Wild Zone evaluations.

  1. E-transfer - 100% of fees sent to with players' full name in comments and password wildhockey DUE at the date of registration. 
  2. E-transfer - 50% of full fees send to with players' full name in comments and password wildhockey DUE at the date of registration.
    • Remaining fees due via e-transfer by September 1st.
  3. Credit Card - 100% of fees paid via Stripe through Team Linkt registration page.
  4. Payment by Cheque - 50% due at the time of registration and 50% due by September 1st.
    • Please have your post-dated cheque submitted by August 1st and made payable to: Saskatoon Zone X Wild Hockey Assoc.  
    • Mailing address: c/o Wild Treasurer, P.O. Box 32059, Erindale Postal Outlet, Saskatoon, SK S7S 1N8
  5. Bingo Credits - The amount of bingo credits for the current hockey season will be determined at a later date, and the player's parent will be contacted with the amount.
    • Until this is received from the Bingo Coordinator, the Wild Treasurer has no information of what bingo credits will be applied to a player's fees.
    • Please contact the Bingo Coordinator is you have any questions and timing of your credits being calculated to know the remaining balance owing to be paid before evaluations.
  6. Other Assistance Payments - If a portion of the player's hockey fees are being paid by a third party, such as KidSport or JumpStart when the registration form is completed, it is expected that you apply early so your application will be completed before evaluations. This includes ensuring the Wild Treasurer has received confirmation from financial assistance program of your application being reviewed and the timing of amount to be paid.
    • Apply early directly to the third party funding as delays may affect your child’s ability to participate in evaluations or be placed on a team.
    • At time of registration any fee above $500 must be received. For example, if fees are $875, you must pay $375 for your child to participate.
    • By September 1st, if funding has not been received by the funding source, all remaining fees must be paid in full by the registrant or registrar must have proof of funding letter directly from the funding source. Please contact the Wild Treasurer with any information.
    • If payment is received after August 31st from a funding source, you will be refunded the amount of the cheque received.
    • Any player who has not met this requirement will not be allowed to participate in evaluations, which in turn may affect their team placement.