Jersey Care Instructions

Please express the importance of taking care of all jerseys. It is important to keep them away from the skates. Teams are responsible for maintaining all jerseys.
  • Routine laundering is required and is the responsibility of the team (if one person is managing jerseys) or each individual that is assigned a jersey.
  • Jerseys are to be washed in cold water and hung to dry only. DO NOT put into the dryer as this will damage/destroy the jerseys.
  • Jerseys are to be hung in the jersey bag provided after each use. Velcro can be extremely damaging to jerseys.
  • Absolutely NO alterations to jerseys (except for the one AtoMc jersey (U11) that players will keep)
  • No iron on, heat, or adhesive affixed items are to be applied to the jerseys.
  • No name bars on jerseys.
  • U9 jerseys – do not remove the Dodge Caravan bars
When returning Jerseys at the end of the season please note:
  • Any damaged or missing jerseys will be charged against your team deposit. Jerseys must be returned freshly laundered and in numerical order.
  • Jersey sets will be inspected at the time of return.
  • Jerseys hung in numerical order with the cresting and hangers facing the same way will save a great deal of time when inspecting the sets and help speed the return of your jersey deposit. This will also save you time when returning your jerseys.