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SMBA Scholarships

SMBA John Dewar Scholarship



A program sponsored by the Saskatoon Minor Basketball Association in memory of John Dewar; His passion for the game of basketball, along with his longstanding commitment to education and community.

John Dewar was a great ambassador for the game of basketball, but a bigger supporter of value-added education along with community involvement and support. John was a long standing member on the SMBA board, long time coach and mentor, and a friend to the Saskatoon basketball 
In his memory, The SMBA John Dewar Scholarship Program will provide two $500 scholarships to a male and female athlete who has previously played in SMBA, who is currently playing high school basketball in Saskatoon in their Grade 12 year, and moving forward with post-secondary education. 

The intent of the program is to provide financial assistance for an athlete with a commitment to further education and to assist in their transition into further education moving to their career. 
In the application for the scholarship, the successful recipients should focus on their long term educational plans, but have also been involved in their community in various ways either through high school or other outside activities. 
Students can apply by essay (minimum one page) or video, presenting their educational plans for their future. The focus should be about their involvement in high school activities and/or volunteer experiences, including their plans for involvement in community into the future. As well, the information provided to SMBA should confirm their playing in the league. As part of the application procedure, the athlete's high school coach will be required to write a recommendation of a few paragraphs in support. 
Both student and high school documents should be submitted in one email to 
Applications will be accepted from March 1st to August 30th. 

Recognition of the successful recipients will occur in the following fall school year, once enrolment and attendance in a post-secondary educational institution is confirmed during the school year.


Ross Fraser and Greg Harbidge SMBA Scholarship

Both Ross Fraser and Greg Harbidge were long-time members of the SMBA and the SMBA Executive. The Ross Fraser Scholarship for Girls and the Greg Harbidge Scholarship for Boys will be given out each year. To qualify for this award you must have played basketball in the SMBA and be a member of the Huskie Basketball team. This award is chosen by the current coaches of the men's and women's teams.