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Giving Competitive Athletes a Chance to Shine

Basketball is experiencing a rapid growth in popularity across Canada, and our league is no exception. The SMBA NLDL, a city-wide premier league specifically designed for grade 5/6 and grade 7/8 divisions, catering to both male and female athletes.

The main objective behind this league is to provide Saskatoon's more competitive basketball players with an opportunity to compete against their peers of the same skill level. Each age/gender category will consist of a minimum of 4 teams, ensuring a competitive environment for all participants.

To ensure a fair selection process, players will undergo independent evaluations. Those interested in joining the premier league will have the chance to showcase their skills at the high-performance evaluation camp, taking place on September 9/10 and September 16/17. The teams will be formed based on individual skill level, disregarding their home location within the city.

Once the teams are established, rigorous training will be provided. Athletes can look forward to two practice sessions per week with their respective teams. This additional training will help them enhance their skills and develop their basketball prowess further.

In addition to regular practices, a mid-season development camp will be organized on December 16th, 2023. This camp will serve as an opportunity for players to fine-tune their abilities and improve their overall performance.

To participate in the evaluation camp, a fee of $60 is required. This fee covers the cost of organizing the camp and ensuring a fair selection process.

The SMBA NLDL aims to provide a platform for talented basketball players to showcase their skills and compete at a high level. By offering additional training sessions and development camps, we strive to nurture and cultivate the basketball talent within Saskatoon.