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YPSL+ League 1: premier soccer + education

The YPSL+ brings competitive soccer under the umbrella of the largest women’s amateur soccer leagues in the world – the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL)! Starting in the fall 2024 the YPSL will initiate operations of the YPSL+ League 1 as the low-cost, structured, competitive alternative to the premier soccer landscape.

At its core the YPSL mission is to, impact the development of youth in our local communities by providing life-enriching opportunities through the game of soccer. The YPSL and YPSL+ League 1 impacts our young players from 7 years old and older. Regardless of these children’s economic background, culture and playing abilities we aspire to create a lifelong passion for the game of soccer. The YPSL brings with it a vast paradigm shift as it pertains to the value of competition as a developmental “tool”. The antiquated mantra of “winning at all cost” is being replaced with “play well, perform well, and results will come”. The YPSL embraces this positive change with every clubs it brings into the league.

As a league, we encourage our member clubs to play an active and committed role is the education of their coaches primarily to instill in their players traits including; respect for knowledge and education, sportsmanship and an undying respect for the game an all its wonderful attributes.

Both the YPSL Grassroots or YPSL+ League 1 programs were created for clubs looking to educate, inspire and empower each and every single player and coach as they travel their club’s educational pathway. 

To learn more about the YPSL and YPSL+ League 1 contact our Director of League Operations, Andy Vera at