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Day of Champions - YPSL End of Season Event

At the YPSL much thought has been given to an "end-of-season" competition and its place in the grassroots soccer landscape. A conclusion was reached that competition can’t be labeled neither “good” nor “bad” as each individual child and parent cope with it in different ways.

The YPSL was created to embrace the competitive spirit of all our players regardless of their playing history or ability. It is with this in mind that we encourage all our teams to strive to reach the top of their conference through hard-work, commitment, discipline and respect.

We also expect that our league coaches value this competitive spirit and utilize all competitions as an opportunity to grow and develop their teams as symbols of all that is good with the game.

The Value of the Competitive Spirit:

  • Competition helps our kids to set goals for themselves
  • Competition teaches our kids to play by the rules
  • Competition helps players learn how to win/lose with grace
  • Competition teaches our kids sportsmanship, especially in championship game scenarios
  • Competition is fun and can contribute to athletes’ positive self-esteem
  • Competition encourages our athletes to learn faster and perform at a higher level

    The Day of Champions is the YPSL version of an end-of-season competition that will have the top two teams in each conference and age group playing against each other for the Conference Championship. It is our hope that all teams work towards the goal of reaching the top level of their conference.

    Details on the Day of Champions will be distributed to all coaches prior to the start of each season.