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Mental Fitness for Players          

The YPSL is proud to have forged a partnership with Wells Thompson and Soccer Resilience an organization committed to the development of our players’ minds!

They strongly believe the psychological elements of the player, coach, parent and sport are vital and that strengthening your mind is as important as strengthening your skills, tactics and athleticism. That’s why their mission is to train the most underutilized, competitive edge in sports, the MIND, transforming the mindset and elevating the well-being of athletes, coaches, parents and referees.

Wells Thompson, one of the Founders of Soccer Resilience, has an extensive career as a 9-year Professional Soccer Player (#5 pick in the 2007 MLS Draft and 2010 MLS Cup Champion), coach, entrepreneur and ultrarunner adds a plethora of valuable experiences and insights for our impact and services. His faith, relationships and the sport of soccer have played a critical role in shaping him into the man he is today. He’s passionate about helping others reach their full mental, physical and emotional potential, “on” and “off” the field.

"As a 9-year pro, I (Wells Thompson) didn't intentionally invest in training my brain. But, if I could go back, I   would absolutely make the investment. Life is lived between the ears...and there are so many tangible things we can all do to become all-around healthier people. I'm pumped and so passionate about using my   experiences to help others grow as players, and as humans."

Let Soccer Resilience provide your YPSL Team Players, coaches, parents & refs specialized mental fitness support + strategies to strengthen their resilience!

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