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Game Management & Standards


 The YPSL considers all our member club/team coaches as a critical conduit of education to all our league players. This being said the YPSL will hold all our coaches to the highest standard of "game-day" management and behavior. For a copy of the YPSL Coaches Code of Conduct click here.


Under no circumstances can a match be played without a YPSL registered Head Coach on the bench. In the event the Head Coach is unavailable for a match, the team must designate a replacement Head Coach for the respective match and the replacement must be SafeSport Certified and listed as an Assistant Coach. 

The YPSL Team Head Coach and Assistant Coach MUST go through a background check and be SafeSport Certified. No individual is allowed on the player sideline without the proper safety check/requirements.

If the teams Head Coach is responsible for “coaching” multiple teams it is his/her responsibility to ensure games are covered in his/her absence. Schedule and time management is purely the responsibility of each coach. The YPSL will not address requests of schedule changes due to coaches needing to attend multiple games.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Team Head Coach to ensure that his/her team has a certified Assistant Coach in case he/she are unable to attend a YPSL game.


Professional conduct and attire are required of all personnel on the team bench of any YPLS game or scrimmage. This sets the tone for a respectable playing environment. Abusive language and obscene body language or gestures will not be tolerated. The minimum dress code includes polo shirt, dress shorts and shoes. It is highly recommended that the team provide all bench personnel with apparel in team color scheme with corresponding team branding (logo/crest).


The YPSL “home” team is responsible for the game day reporting. Reporting the score is accomplished by the Team Administrator (TA) or the Team Principle by utilizing the YPSL APP and must be accomplished immediately following the conclusion of the match.  The YPSL Conference Delegate will have access to all Conference teams scores and will ensure that every game score is tallied and scores confirmed. Once the scores are reported by the Team Administrator ONLY the Conference Delegate may change the final score if needed. The YPSL will be educating all YPSL Team Administrators in the process of Game Day Reporting via the league’s partner Playmetrics once we have teams registered.

YPSL Game Day Match Reports include the following:

  • Game Day Rosters (Jersey #, First & Last Name)
  • Goals (Goal Scorer)
  • Primary Assist (If applicable)
  • Cards (Cautions & Red)
  • The tracking of additional statistics such as Corner Kicks, Fouls, Offsides, Possession are optional and at the sole discretion of each YPSL team
  • YPSL Official Game Score Sheet must be utilized to track statistics and given to the Team Administrator for use in the Match Reporting Process.

    NOTE: The YPSL will allocate a maximum of one (1) assist per goal. No exceptions.

    Failure to submit an accurate YPSL Game Day Report by the required time limit of 48 hours following the conclusion of game, will result in teams not having game statistics posted on their team standings which in turn may affect post-season play.  It is imperative YPSL teams take the Game Day Reporting process seriously and report accurate and timely data. 


    An illegal player is a player 1) not properly registered with the YPSL and therefore US Club Soccer and does   not appear on the Team’s Active Roster (a player suspended by the YPSL that appears in a game is classified as an Illegal Player), 2) a player that is dual-carded with a clubs YPSL team and a local travel/competitive team. A team using an Illegal Player shall forfeit 5-0 all games Illegal Player(s) plays in and will be deducted three (3) standings points per Illegal Player per game. Intentional abuse can result in suspension and/or expulsion of team membership (no refund) by the President of the YPSL. The YPSL holds firm on the "no travel team players" allowed to participate-NO EXEPTIONS.


It is the responsibility of the Team Head Coach or Team Administrator to ensure that ANY/ALL players arriving late (after check-in has occurred)         are announced to the referee prior to the late arriving player entering the field. Team staff must have his/her active roster ready for officials’               review. Teams not following this protocol will be in violation of Section 4.03 of this Operations Manual.


Coaching Education

The YPSL is aware that many of our YPSL team coaches have a background in the game and we want to encourage all of you to continue your education. For this reason, the YPSL has partnered with US Club Soccer to provide all of you an educational pathway throughout the year.

For more information on the upcoming courses and seminars click here!