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YPSL Questions and Answers                            

When is the inaugural YPSL season?
The inaugural season is set to begin in the spring of 2023.

 Are all clubs and teams accepted into the YPSL?
Clubs MUST first Petition the YPSL for acceptance. Once clubs are accepted into the YPSL they will have team coaches or administrators register their teams. 

What age groups does the YPSL accept for league play?
The YPSL will field ONLY teams in the U-8 (Pre-Travel Academy) through U12 age groups on the spring 2023. It will expand to include U-13’s and U14’s in the fall of 2023.

Why does the YPSL accept U-8 Teams? Aren’t they too young to play competitively?
We at the YPSL believe that all players are competitive in nature and deserve to be placed in an environment where they can express that competitive spirit. The Under-8 age group hope to address a fault in our soccer system. Players in pre-travel academies graduate to “travel” soccer at Under-9 having little of no experience in playing other Under-9 teams. It’s our hope for the Under-8 coaches utilize this opportunity to address to their players the exciting challenges and advantages in this next step in their development.

How many teams are in each conference/division?
Our inaugural season (spring 2023) will have four (4) YPSL Conferences and will accept ages U-8 through U12 teams. Click Here for more information.

How many conferences are there in the DMV-YPSL? Will this vary from other YPSL leagues across the country?
The DMV-YPSL will have four (4) conferences the Metro, Colonial, Evergreen and Valley conferences. The number of conferences and divisions within each conference will vary from league to league depending on the geographical region.

Are “travel” teams or players allowed to participate in the YPSL?
No, the YPSL is a “recreational” league started to ensure players ages 7-18 can enjoy learning about the game and competition against players of similar ability. Players “carded” with a “travel” or “competitive” league team are not eligible to play.


Can YPSL games be played during the week? Is this allowed?
The YPSL sees no problem with team coaches and parents playing a league sanctioned game on one of their training days if all protocols are adhered to. Both team coaches MUST notify via email their Conference Delegate a minimum of four (4) days prior to the weekday game being played approving their game. Fields MUST be of proper size, properly lined, nets in good shape, referees arranged etc.


What are Conference Delegates (CD)?
The YPSL follows a similar structure as the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) in how it communicates and handles the leagues operations. The CD is vital in maintaining proper communications with teams in their conference and acting as an advocate of their league at the annual AGM. CD’s are selected by the YPSL President and Director of League Operations and are asked to serve a minimum of two (2) seasons.