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To have a successful season, we MUST have help from parents! It takes all families assisting in the following coach and volunteer positions to make this lacrosse program a success. All of these positions come with assistance from people who have "done it before." Some positions have detailed notebooks with ideas and “how to” notes. We also understand that parents are volunteers and need their time and energy respected, so we know that you may not be able to do something every meeting or every game. (That’s why we like to have at least two in every position – to help and cover each other.) Ideally, each player should have a parent cover at least one and preferably two positions. Join the fun of participating with your player!

Coaches / Assistant Coaches:  No lacrosse experience is necessary. WVL will ensure you are prepared and have help, even if you are brand new to the sport. WVL has leadership that will provide coaches with practice and team development ideas and programs. We encourage parents to participate with their child in this manner.

Officials "Refs":  The sport of lacrosse is always looking for officials for youth and high school games. Parents / Adults, please consider registering and training as an official. High School players may also elect to become an official and work for youth games. It is an excellent way to gain better insight into the game, earn money, and check a box for having a "job" on scholarship and college applications. Here is a link for more information:  Washington Lacrosse Officials Association (Men's officials) -

Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse Board:   Meetings are the 1st Tuesday of each month from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Most board positions have two people in the position. No experience is necessary.

  • Boys HS Program President(s)  (Example duties:  point-of-contact w/WA HS Boys Lax Association, ensures program meets WHSBLA requirements, reserves practice and game fields with Wenatchee School District, recruits coaches, organizes game schedules, leads board meetings)
  • Youth Program President(s) (Example duties:  Example duties:  point-of-contact w/Central WA Lax League, ensures program meets CWLL requirements, recruits coaches and team managers)
  • Treasurer (Example duties:  works w/club bookkeeper to report funds to Board, maintains PO Box, helps w/projected expenses)
  • Secretary(s) (Example duties:  takes minutes at board meetings, sends communications to families, coordinates team photos)
  • Registrar(s) (Example duties:  manages player registration (through website), assigns team rosters)
  • Director(s) of Field Equipment (Example duties:  oversees team uniform distribution, transports goals and balls to fields, works w/coaches to order equipment needed)
  • Director(s) of Development (Example duties:  oversees sponsorships and fundraising goals, fosters relationships w/current sponsors)

Seasonal / Periodic Volunteer Positions:  These positions may be ongoing throughout the season or oversee just a specific area of the season. No experience necessary! All positions have training, if needed, and parents who help. *These positions are high school only. *High School only position

  • Medical Personnel (holds a healthcare license) – Primary duty: sideline assistance in minor injury needs or concussion assessment (games only)
  • *Concussion Assessors (no license needed) – Primary duty:  gives baseline concussion exam, asking questions and recording responses, to players (one afternoon only)
  • Team Manager – Primary duty:  coordinates communication among the coaches, parents, players, and WVL Board secretary (season)
  • Team Photographers – Primary duty:  takes an assortment of photos of games and/or practices for usage on social media and files for players / parents (games only)
  • *Team Videographers – Primary duty:  videos the games, often using Facebook Live (games only)
  • Stands Coordinators – Provides friendly reminders to parents to maintain an example of sportsmanship with other teams and/or officials (games only)
  • Visiting Team Hosts – Primary duty:  welcomes visiting team and officials, answering any questions about the area, such as, restaurant suggestions. (games only)
  • Travel Coordinator – Primary duty:  when traveling to away games, reviews hotel options, meal ideas, weather and/or location notices and communicates with families (season, done from home)
  • *Ride Coordinator – Primary duty:  serves as a point-of-contact for players needing rides to games. The coordinator does not get the ride for the player, but simply sends out a mass email to the team whenever a player needs a ride (season, done from home)
  • Field Maintenance Personnel – Primary duty:  helps paint lines on grass fields before game (games only)
  • *End-of-Season Banquet Coordinator – Primary duty:  oversees volunteers in acquiring location, food, video, and décor for the end-of-season banquet (Apr – Jun)
  • *End-of-Season Banquet Volunteers – Primary duty:  assists in video, décor, set-up, and clean up for the banquet (Apr – Jun)
  • End-of-Season Youth Party Coordinator - Primary duty:  oversees volunteers in acquiring location, food, vand décor for the end-of-season party (Apr – May)
  • *End-of-Season Youth Party Volunteers – Primary duty:  assists in video, décor, set-up, and clean up for the banquet (Apr – May)
  • Summer Camp Coordinator – Primary duty:  oversees volunteer coordination for June summer camp, following a step-by-step manual of timing and things to be done (Apr – Jun)
  • Summer Camp Volunteers – Primary duty:  helps with one aspect of summer camp, such as check-in, snacks, coaches lunch, field reservation, etc. (Apr – Jun)
  • Team Store Coordinator – Primary duty:  selects items for WVL to sell on their Team Store website (t-shirts, blankets, hats, etc.) (Oct – Feb)
  • Team schedulers – Primary duty:  Data entry, adds schedule to website and copies team wins, losses and player data from scorebook to website (done from home)
  • Website Coordinator - Primary duty:  updates website with pages, team notices (will train) (occasional, year-round, done from home)
  • Scorekeepers – Primary duty:  sitting on sideline and registering points, penalties, and game details into scorebook (all training provided) Best seat at the game! (games only)

Business Sponsorship:  Do you own a business or have a connection with a business in the community? Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse is always looking to have business sponsors. Sponsors help offset the cost of the program so that families of all incomes can afford to play, teams can participate in more tournaments, and equipment is updated for safety. Please visit the Sponsorship page on our website for more information. Click HERE for the Sponsorship Page.