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Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse at the High School level offers strong training and competitive games throughout the year. The team is a member of the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association (WHSBLA) and meets all WHSBLA requirements. The team is a conglomerate team, meaning it has players not from a single high school but from several high schools in the Wenatchee Valley area (due to its mid-central, rural location). As such, the team is not ranked within the state nor competes in the state championship tournament. However, the team is well-known as having strong, competitive, and high-sportsmanship players.

Players may enter the high school program with no experience and are able to develop their skills with hard work. Wenatchee Valley High School Lacrosse players have gone on to play for several D1, D2, and D3 colleges and/or the PLL. Each year, the team has players who make "All-State" in their positions. The Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse has established a reputation for developing new players and making strong players even better.

The team hosts games at the Apple Bowl, a field with Wenatchee High School, and travels to play teams primarily throughout Washington State. Fall Ball, Spring Break, and Summer League teams travel to tournaments throughout the Western and Rocky Mountain regions.

Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse High School Coaches hold extensive experience in the sport of lacrosse and player development.
Brandon Parker:  Head Coach / Varsity Coach 
Kutter Wilkins:  Assistant Coach / Junior Varsity Coach 
Thomas Bass:  Assistant Coach (Fall Tournament Team)
Ken Gilman:  Associate Coach

High School Teams:
Varsity Regular Season (Feb - Jun):  This team consists of players in grades 9 - 12 who demonstrate strong strength of play in lacrosse knowledge, team dynamics, and stick skills.
Junior Varsity Season (Feb - Jun):  This team consists of players in grades 9 - 12 who are still developing their lacrosse skills.
Fall Tournament Team (Oct - Dec):  This team consists of players in grades 9 - 12 who want to participate in 1 - 3 tournaments across the Pacific Northwest.
Spring Break Team (Mar and/or Apr):  This team, formed in odd years, consists of players in grades 9 - 12 who want to spend their spring break traveling to Southern California to train and play competitive teams in that region. *Invite only, due to limited slots
Summer Team (Jun-Aug):  This team consists of rising 9-12th grade students (recent graduates do not participate, previous 8th grade class do) and develops further skills while playing tournaments in the Western and/or Rocky Mountain regions.