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Player Participation Requirements:  Prior to participation with Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse as a player at any level or capacity, the following requirements must be met:

#1 - Registration through the Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse on-line registration system. See Agreements required during registration.
#2 - Paid member of US Lacrosse through the end of the Season (part of registration process, through US Lacrosse website) 
#3 - Full payment received by Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse of Club Dues (part of registration process)

Required Agreements as part of the Registration Process:  All agreements are acknowledged during the registration process. It is assumed that the parent or legal guardian is registering their child, and thus all agreements are read and signed acknowledging agreement by the parent or legal guardian. It is the signing parent or guardian's responsibility to address the information in the required agreements with their player(s) being registered. (Click the links below for a copy of the agreements)

During the pre-season meeting, the coach will communicate to players and parents what criteria drive coaching decisions about an individual’s playing time.  These criteria may include, but are not limited to:

  • attendance and effort at practice
  • consistently displaying a positive attitude
  • teamwork
  • mental focus during pre-game activities

Players that are in good standing with their coach’s criteria should expect to play at least 25% of the game.  This may vary from game to game, but should average out over the course of a weekend.