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Required Gear:

USA Lacrosse Equipment 

Kindergarten - 2nd-Grade Players

  • Stick - Junior sticks are preferred, but a Fiddle Stick is acceptable
  • Mouth Guard - Best to become comfortable using one (and learning to keep track of it!) 

3rd - 8th Grade Players

  • Lacrosse Stick - Do not purchase an expensive stick right away. Any basic stick will suffice for a beginning player! 
    • 3rd/4th-grade players
      • Minimum stick length of 37", max of 42" 
      • No Long poles 
    • 5th-8th-grade players
      • Short Pole minimum stick length of 40", max of 42"
      • Long Pole minimum stick length of 52", max of 72"
  • Helmet - A lacrosse helmet that meets NOCSAE ND041 at the time of manufacture and is SEI certified. Preferably white.
  • Mouth Guard - Must be a color other than clear or white and self-molding or custom-molding
  • Gloves - designed for lacrosse
  • Chest Protector - Pads must meet NOCSAE ND200 lacrosse standards at the time of manufacture and is SEI certified. There was a new change in these minimum standards, so it is unlikely used gear will meet this requirement. 
  • Arm/elbow pads - designed for lacrosse
  • Cleats - Athletic cleats
  • Athletic cup - for male players

Where to buy?

Used Gear: 

Check our club's Facebook page for outgrown gear. 

After registration, we hope to have a gear swap where the gear donated to the club by current players will be free to use/keep. This is first come, first served, and no guarantees we will have all your player requires. 

New Gear:
Sports Outlet
Dicks Sporting Goods
Sports Outlet U.S.A