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Royals A Tryouts

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Royals Evaluation Schedule

Your unique PlayerId will be emailed to you one week to the first evaluation session. Select an evaluation sessionto view your next session or team selection. 

If you did not receive your PlayerId, please contact the Registrar.

If you encounter any problems please contact the VP of A Hockey for your age group.

Please note that the results/scores determined by the evaluators will not be available online. Players may contact the VP of A Hockey for your age group or a member of the Evaluation Committee for further information.

Tryout Information

The Royals A Hockey evaluations will be performed by independent evaluators hired by REMHA. Players will be evaluated by the same group of evaluators for A1, A2 and A3 team formation. What this means is that all players within REMHA will be evaluated together for each level. This will reduce the amount of ice used during tryouts and help us make better use of our resources. This will also result in additional practice ice for October.

REMHA has implemented the online Hockey Canada Registration (HCR) system.  Please visit our Registration section here for further information regarding the changes to the registration process this season.

It is VERY important that you attend the evaluation session that you have been assigned. If you can not make it to that session (or any session) please contact the VP of A Hockey for your age group.

If you do not wish to attend evaluations and be placed immediately on an A3 team, PLEASE contact the VP of A Hockey for your age group.

Evaluation Forms

Team Formation Committee


This committee, chaired by the Vice President(s) of the category, will deal will all issues related to team formation at the A level.


  • Recruit Evaluators and On-Ice personnel as required to perform the evaluations.
  • Recruit Age Conveners to oversee the tryout process for individual age groups.
  • Registration tracking and communication of evaluation results.

Policies and Procedures

Program Chart

Team entry will be based on the guidelines set by Hockey Winnipeg.

General Information

The A teams will be called the Royals and where multiple teams required will be designated Black, White, Grey, or Purple. The guidelines for the Royals program is available under the A section of the Programs section.

Ice Allocation

Teams will be allocated indoor practice ice from a pool provided by the 5 arena surfaces in the Area, as well as contract ice the Association has contracted at Garson, MB, or wherever such contracts can be arranged.  It is the objective to provide 1-1.5 hours of ice per week of indoor practice.

Teams are encouraged to make use of practice ice available at our outdoor community centers.

Age Advancement

Age advancement will only be allowed for team formation purposes. The only exception will be goaltenders as approved by the Committee.


Players will be responsible for the cost of home & away jerseys and socks, as well as supplies provided after team formation, such as pucks, first aid kits, etc.

The A Royals Uniform policy is located at: River East Royals A Uniform Policy.


Coaches will be selected by the Coaches Selection Committee which is chaired by the Development Director and includes the President, the Vice President of the category, and/or other designates as may be required.

Our goal is to provide the best coaching candidates possible for all of our teams.

Persons interested in coaching must apply using the coach application form on our website.

All team officials (coaching staff, managers, safety) must submit the following:

Criminal Check Form

Child Abuse Form

All coaching staff & rostered individuals are subject to the approval of the Coaches Selection Committee.

Evaluation and Tryout Committee


This committee, chaired by the Vice Presidents of the category,  will develop policies and procedures for evaluation and selection of A players within REMHA.


  • Develop, in consultation with our paid evaluators and on-ice instructors, a set of drills that can be used to evaluate players and goalies.
  • Recruit volunteers to handle sign-in and jerseys during tryouts.
  • Ensure even split of players and goalies during tryouts.
  • Set up websites with the Registrar in order to display evaluation results.
  • Work with on ice personnel to ensure tryouts are running smoothly and help with any problems that may arise.
  • Assign personnel to tabulate tryout results in a correct and timely manner and to post the results to the website for players and parents to find their team assignments.
  • Ensure drafting of teams is accomplished in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Determine size of teams based on evaluations and overall registration numbers.


Vice President of the categories, President, and the primary contact providing and assigning evaluators for the evaluations.