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River East Officials



Program Information

Please review the Hockey Winnipeg and Hockey Manitoba websites for Officiating information.



Presently all team officials are required to be certified in the RIS Program. To align with the Coaching Program, Hockey Manitoba is requiring ALL Level III – VI officials to complete the Respect in Sport Program, with the inclusion of all Level I, Level II and all new officials the following year. The implementation of RIS certification for all officials directly coincides with the proposed implementation of the RIS – Parent Program for parents of ALL minor aged players.

It is important to note that officials are required to complete the Respect in Sport Program PRIOR to registering for an in-person clinic. Similarly to Hockey University for Level I and II officials, the eHockey system will not allow registration for in-person clinic until the RIS course is completed.

To register for Respect in Sports please go to Hockey Manitoba Officials page and follow the links.  It should be all self-explanatory once there.