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What is the cost to register?

Please see each program as the cost differs by age and program.

How do I register?

Register via our Online Registration process.  If you need assistance, we can help you with registration process by calling the office.  

What do I get with my registration fee? 

All registrants receive a team uniform, an HMBHL commemorative souvenir, League and Playoff games, certified officials and OBHF membership with insurance coverage.  We also offer a chance to play for a Provincial or even a National Championship.

Can I play with my friends?

We will assign players to teams as required to build balanced house league teams. We try to accommodate 1 friend request per registrant where possible. The friend request must be reciprocal which means the friend requests must pair up. For example, the registration for Rob Smith has a friend request of Dave Young, therefore Dave Young's registration must have 1 friend request of Rob Smith. Our program is too large to process what we call chaining friend requests where Paul's request is Dave, Dave's request is Mike, Mike's request is Allan and so on. Friend requests are not guaranteed and may not be possible for late registrants. The BMBHL has a team equalization policy and we reserve the right to trade any player(s) at any time in an attempt to equalize team strengths.  Refunds will not be granted for anyone who quits from be moved to help balance teams.

Can I register as an individual or as a team?

You can register as an individual or register an entire team but team entries are reviewed as we try to create balanced teams.