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Prior to signing up for any clinic, please contact our office to make sure we have a need for new Referees.  We will explain our selection process, available hours and wages. 

ALL Referee Clinics are done by the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation (OBHF). 

Please see the OBHF website for upcoming Referee Clinic dates.

If you're interested in becoming a Referee with the Halton/Burlington Minor Ball Hockey League, you must complete the Certification with the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation.

Click here to view the CBHA Rulebook.

Mission Statement

To guide, nurture and foster a safe, fair and competitive ball hockey environment that is inclusive for everyone to enjoy.   


The technical committee will encourage, educate and promote opportunities for its officials and technical staff to reach their maximum potential which will ultimately provide the structure and framework to fuel the growth of the sport of ball hockey to new heights.  Creating an environment within the OBHF that is safe, inclusive, transparent and sportsmanlike will be the underlying theme of everything that is carried out. 


The OBHF Technical Committee is the governing body that has oversight of rules, rules education, officials’ certification, supplemental discipline and player-safety within the sport of ball hockey in the province of Ontario.   This mandate is carried out from grass-roots ball hockey right up to, and including Tier 1.  The Committee will always strive to be a reflection of our membership to ensure that all interests are considered when making impactful decisions.   The technical committee works closely with the CBHA when it comes to formulating and recommending referee development programs, rule changes and policies to all levels of ball hockey in Ontario.  Finally, the committee is committed to continually monitoring, reviewing, and proposing revisions of, and amendments to, the playing rules of the Federation.  This mandate will be carried out with professionalism, integrity and transparency with the goal of continually fueling the growth of this sport in Ontario and beyond.