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Person in Authority (PIA) Requirements

Volleyball Canada defines a Person in Authority (PIA) as “any person who holds a position of authority over a Vulnerable individual pursuant to the role assigned to them.” To ensure that we are providing a safe sporting environment, Subzero Volleyball Club is committed to screening everyone in a leadership role who works directly with our athletes. This includes coaches, volunteers, and board members.

A PIA may not participate in volleyball activities with athletes until they have completed the following requirements:

  1. Membership with VY/VC: Please use this link to sign up for a membership with Volleyball Yukon/Volleyball Canada. Subzero pays for all coach and board memberships. Volunteer memberships are free of charge. 
  2. Screening Disclosure Form (SDF): The screening form can be completed at the end of the VY/VC membership sign-up process.
  3. Criminal Record Check (CRC): All leaders must have a current Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check. This is available from the local RCMP and must be uploaded into the ‘Credentials’ section of Sportlomo. CRC’s are valid for three years; please renew your check if it expires this season. 
  4. Safe Sport Training: This free 45-minute training module can be completed in The Locker. The Locker can be used to confirm courses an individual has completed. Users log in to The Locker using their NCCP number. If you don’t have an NCCP number, you can create one via the log-in page.
All membership types will be “Awaiting Approval” in Sportlomo until Volleyball Yukon (VY) manually verifies that the individual has an active CRC, Safe Sport Training, Screening Disclosure Form, and Membership. Once all items are approved and confirmed, the VY screening designate will change the member status from “Awaiting Approval” to “Active”. Members need to be “Active” to register for events and to be rostered.