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2023-2024 Club Opener and NEW ID Camp

Subzero Volleyball Club is so excited to kick off our 2023-2024 season with our annual Club Opener and (new this year) ID Camp. Please read all of the following info before proceeding to the registration link.

What is it?
Subzero's Club Opener and NEW ID Camp is the kick off to our club season. It is an opportunity for athletes to try out club volleyball before committing to the club volleyball season, allows team mates to reunite (or meet for the first time!), and lets athletes meet the coaching team for their age group. It is also an opportunity for coaches to evaluate prospective club players. Club Opener sessions are structured as a mix of drills, athletic activities and small-sided games.

Why an ID Camp?
Subzero has a limited number of coaches and gym availability and an increasing demand for participant spots, requiring us to cap team size. For this reason, we have developed a new approach to team selection:

13U Coed
Coaches will use the Club Opener/ID camp to better familiarize themselves with the skills of this group, but club season registration for 13U will be first come first served. We will make best efforts to have an even split of boys and girls for the 13U group.

At the coaches' discretion some returning players may be invited to take part in an early registration period (November 2023) 
   2) Coaches will then use the Club Opener/ID Camp to identify players to fill the remaining spots on their teams. 

The target number of athletes for each team is listed on our Preliminary Club Schedule 
This process was informed not only by our coach and space restrictions, but by feedback from our 2022-2023 post-season survey.

How does it work?
All players wishing to be considered for a Subzero club volleyball team (14U-18U) MUST participate in the Club Opener and ID camp unless they have made a request to the Subzero Board, in writing, for an exemption (by November 24th, 2023). Athletes that have been selected for early registration to a club team are still expected to participate in the Club Opener and ID Camp. Participation in the Club Opener and ID Camp is NOT a guarantee that an athlete will be selected for registration to a Subzero club team. Following the Club Opener and ID Camp, the coaching team for each age group will meet to select the optimal mix of athletes to form each club team. Successful athletes will then receive an invitation to register for the Subzero club season. For 13U athletes there is no selection process and registration is open.

Age Groups
Subzero follows Volleyball Canada's age groups as shown in the chart below. Players must register in their age category. The Subzero Board will consider requests to play up prior to the Club season. See our Playing Up Policy for additional information. Players born in September to December have the option to play down, as they fall into two different age groups. As a general rule, players register with their school cohort i.e. players born in 2011 (grade 7) register in 13U, players born in 2010 (grade 8) register in 14U... etc.

*Note - 18UB team may select up to four overage (19U) players, per Volleyball Canada's guidelines.

Schedule - All sessions held at Porter Creek Secondary School

Age Group Date Time
17U Girls Friday, December 1 7:00-9:30pm
16U Girls Friday, December 1 7:00-9:30pm
13U Coed Saturday, December 2 10:30am-12:30pm
16U Boys Saturday, December 2 1:00-3:30pm
17U Boys Saturday, December 2 4:00-6:30pm
15U Boys Saturday, December 2 7:00-9:30pm
18U Boys Sunday, December 3 10am-12pm
14U Girls Sunday, December 3 12:00-2:30pm
15U Girls Sunday, December 3 3:00-5:30pm
14U Boys Sunday, December 3 6:00-8:30pm



The cost of the Subzero 2023-2024 Club Opener iand ID Camp is $10. All players must also purchase a  'Youth Development' membership from Volleyball Yukon/Volleyball Canada ($11) in order to participate. You may have already purchased a VY/VC membership if you participated in our Serve and Pass clinics, AWG tryouts or tryouts for another volleyball club. The VY/VC membership is valid from September 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024.
VY/VC memberships can be purchased here:

Please note, players who register for Subzero's club volleyball season will need to upgrade this membership to a "Youth Competitive" membership (an additional $40) once club season begins.


Any questions, please contact us at

REGISTRATION LINK - Registration opens November 8, 2023!