St George Minor Ball
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Your SGMB Executive works hard to generate the resources required to provide a strong program for Minor Ball. Registration fees do not come close to covering the cost of running the program. The fees are supplemented by our fundraising efforts such as the Wine Survivor fundraiser, and sponsorship support we get from local businesses and organizations. Together these funds cover the basic costs of administering the program including diamond time, uniforms, playoffs, insurance, and league fees.  

We recognize that we have many eager teams who wish to participate in tournaments and extra exhibition games, hold team events, or purchase second jerseys and other uniform accessories. Any extra costs are the sole responsibility of those individual teams. In light of this, we have created a policy that must be adhered to in order to maintain consistency within our organization and respect for our sponsors. 

It is the policy of SGMB that if a team chooses to run their own individual team fundraising campaign, or request additional sponsorship to cover some or all these costs, the team:

- Must use the correct Spartans Logo (file below) on any team clothing and banners
- Must maintain the St. George Spartans colours of Red, White & Black
- May not approach the existing sponsors of our organization. A list of sponsors is always visible on the home page of this website.
- In the event that there are unused funds at the end of the season, this money is to be split equally among players.
If you have any questions or concerns surrounding this policy please email

St George Spartans Full Logo

St George "Spartans" Wording Only