If you are interested in becoming a referee, please review the information below and contact SWHA’s Referee in Chief.
Referee fees are published in the Hockey Winnipeg Rulebook (under “Fees for Game Officials”) located on page 103.  
SWHA’s 2022-23 Officiating Committee:
Referee In Chief
Joseph Masi
Officials Development Director
Shane Latour
Referee Assignor
Nicole Carnegie
Officiating Committee Objectives:
1. Efficiently administer South Winnipeg officiating.
2. Recruitment and development of the best possible officials.
3. Meet the officiating and communication needs of the area association as effectively as possible.
4. Design support systems that are easy to understand and communicate them as clearly as possible.
5. Set and maintain high standards for officials both on and off the ice.
If you are interested in becoming a timekeeper, please review the information below and submit your application to SWHA’s Head Timekeeper.
A timekeeper is the off-ice official responsible for the control of the time clock and for the proper completion of the official game sheet.  Timekeeper fees are published in the Hockey Winnipeg Rulebook (under “Fees for Game Officials”) located on page 103.  
Game Assignments:
Timekeepers are assigned to SWHA home games by the Head Timekeeper.  The number of games assigned will depend on the timekeeper’s availability.  You will be contacted directly with the schedule.  Please confirm if you are available within the time frame specified so the next person on the list can be contacted if you are unavailable.
Timekeeper Applications:
To apply:
1.  Submit Timekeeper Application prior to Sept 15th deadline.
2.  Obtain proper certification or re-certification (see “Timekeeper Certification” below).
Timekeepers are hired each year based on annual requirements.  Please note that there are a limited number of spots available.  The number of timekeepers required varies depending on the number of teams SWHA will host in the upcoming season.
Application Criteria:

– Applicant must be 13 years of age as of December 31.
– Applicants will be chosen at the discretion of the SWHA Executive with preference given to SWHA members, past members, and family members.
– For applicants from outside the SWHA boundaries, we will accept applications but reserve the right to limit external applicants based on the number of applicants inside the SWHA catchment.  Final decisions on external applicants will be made after the application period is complete.
Accepted applicants will be notified by email.  If you are not contacted, then your application for the coming season was unsuccessful, most likely due to the limited number of openings.  Unsuccessful candidates are welcome to reapply in subsequent years.
Timekeeper Certification:
Timekeeper Clinics are scheduled by Hockey Winnipeg in Sept/Oct.  Clinic dates are posted on the Hockey Winnipeg website (http://www.hockeywinnipeg.ca).  Under the “Events” tab, select “Timekeeper Clinics”.  The clinic registration cost is $20.
Timekeepers are required to attend the Level 1 clinic for two years before moving on to Level 2, which they are required to take for an additional two years.  After a Timekeeper has completed both Level 1 and 2 (taken certification for 4 years total), they will be required to register with Hockey Winnipeg each season that they wish to be an ‘active timekeeper’.
**All Timekeepers are required to register each year, including the Level 2 Timekeepers exempt from writing the exam. The registration cost for those exempt from the exam is $10. First year participants in Level 1 must purchase a binder for $10.00.
Passing grade for Level 1 Timekeepers is 70%, Level 2 is 80%
* Note:  Attending a timekeeper clinic does not guarantee you a timekeeper position with SWHA.  Limited spots are available.