1.  The costs outlined in the budget are for team expenses (practice ice, exhibition games, tournament entry fees, team equipment, etc.).  All costs are estimated. The registration payment to SWHA in Aug/Sept covers game ice, league fees, jerseys, Hockey Canada insurance, Hockey Winnipeg fees, etc.
2.  The costs outlined do not include any costs associated with team travel, lodging, meals, entertainment, etc. for out-of-town tournaments and/or exhibition games.
3.  Managers must submit an expense summary to team at the end of the first half and at year end for review.  For assistance keeping track of team finances, use the Team Finance Template.
4.  SWHA recommends that team expenses do not exceed $900/player unless there is 100% agreement from the entire team.

It is important to understand that not all parents have the same financial resources. Some parents would rather pay more than fund raise. Some parents have difficulty affording hockey and need to fund raise. It’s unlikely parents will publicly complain about costs in a team meeting – be sensitive to this. Not all parents will have the same commitment level to time and extra practices.
Proposed Team Budget (based on 15 players)


1 PRACTICE ICE: ($215/hr, 2 practices per week) COST PER TEAM FEE    
  1st Half Ice (15 hours assigned by SWHA) $215 $3,225    
  1st Half Additional practice ice (4 hours in this example) $58 $860    
  2nd Half Ice (10 hours assigned by SWHA) $144 $2,150    
  2nd Half additional practice ice (2 hours in this example) $29 $430    
  Exhibition game ice (2 exhibition games, ice rental shared) $14 $215    
  Exhibition game referee/timekeeper fees $8 $120    
    $468 $7,000    
2 TOURNAMENT FEES (based on 3 tournaments):        
  - Winnipeg or Rural Manitoba Tournament $54 $800    
  - Christmas Tournament $54 $800    
  - Out of Town Tournament $87 $1,300    
  Canadian Tournaments approx. $800, U.S. Tournaments approx. $1,300 + exchange        
    $195 $2,900    
3 EQUIPMENT:        
  Socks ($25-35 per pair) $35 $525    
  Name bars - average cost per player $15 $225    
  Pucks/Team Equipment $10 $150    
    $60 $900    
  Team Windup $50 $750    
    $50 $750    
  Total $773 $11,550    
  1st Half Payment 70% (due Oct 31, 2019) $541 *Collect $545 (round up to nearest $5)    
  2nd Half Payment 30% (due Jan 1, 2020) $232 *Collect $235, round up to nearest $5)