Is your family in a demographic which would be considered in financial need?  Depending on the situation, one or more of the programs below may be available to help pay for hockey registration fees, team fees and/or equipment.
Please Note: The GCWCC grant is normally received in September and applied towards registration fees.  Other financial assistance programs (i.e.. Hockey Winnipeg) are funded later in the season, normally February or March.  Until funding is received, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to pay the registration and/or team fees up front pending receipt of financial assistance.  SWHA will reimburse the parent once funding has been received.
Hockey is an expensive sport, with costs for equipment, registration, and team fees. Unfortunately, all the financial support programs only cover a portion of the expenses, and if you are approved for one financial support program that usually precludes you from receiving assistance from another program.
Even if you were to receive funding to help pay for registration fees, you are still responsible for paying team fees during the season, which in most cases can come close to equaling the same amount as the registration fee.
Programs Available:

















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