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Did you know???
Background screening is part of US  Soccer’s, Cal South's, and Ramona Soccer League's registration process, which, pursuant to U.S. Soccer rules, is required of all individuals working with or managing youth players, regardless of whether they are volunteers or paid staff, or registered with another U.S. Soccer member organization. This includes all coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers assigned to a team with youth players.
Player Development Initiatives:
Cal South and US Soccer have PDI's that leagues like RSL follow to offer a balanced competitve setting for all of the players.  Click on the links below for more information:

Code of Conduct:
We adhere to Cal South's Code of Conduct and ask that all of our parents, players, coaches, volunteers, and spectators do also.  It is important to follow this to ensure that our players and coaches can COACH and PLAY soccer and most importantly: HAVE FUN!

Heads Up:  Concussion
Cal South recognizes the need for increased awareness about concussions, head injuries and brain trauma. In order for Cal South to be compliant with State of California Assembly Bill No. 2007, new procedures have been implemented that require on a yearly basis, a concussion and head injury information sheet to be signed and returned by the athlete and athlete’s parent or guardian before the athlete’s initiating practice or competition. These provisions apply to athletes participating in youth sports organizations, as defined to include organizations, businesses, nonprofit entities, or local governmental agencies that sponsor or conduct amateur sports competitions, training, camps, or clubs in which persons 17 years of age or younger participate
Nutrition and Hydration Information
Nutrition and Hydration are very important to any youth athletes success in sports.  What players eat before the game is just as important a what they eat after.  Active kids need adequate fluids for a healthy, well functioning body. Proper hydration is important for their energy level, concentration and physical endurance.  Hydration  leading up to any outdoor activity in hot, humid weather is extremely important.  Below are some resources on this topic: