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Ramona Soccer League holds their practices and games at the Ramona Community Park Soccer Fields. 

Field Description

The official address of the fields is at 211 Aqua lane, Ramona 92065. However this map of the fields may help families find the field their child is playing on. 

Due to high enrollment we have made changes to our field placement and added new fields. Some will be at the "Main Fields" location. This is where all games and practices have been held in the past. Some practices and games will be held at the "Back Fields" location. These fields are right next to the adult softball fields and share a parking lot as well. There is a path between the fields that a vehicle may drive through to go from the Main Fields to the Back Fields. Please see the Field map below to see where each Division's field/s are located. The number of each field corresponds to the division that uses it; for example: Division 1 practices and holds games on Field 1 and Divison 8 practices and holds games on Fields 8A or 8B.

Field Map of Main Fields

Fields 1, 4, and 5 are the same as last season. Changes have been made to Fields 6, 7, and 8.

Field Map of Back Fields