Lead-Deadwood Girls Softball Association
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What does the league expect out of the parents?
  • Please make sure you respect your coaches and let them do their jobs. We understand you may not always agree, so if you have a question or concern please call the coach or set up a time to meet away from the field and not during a game.
  • Have your child to games & practices on time. They need to be at the fields atleast 1/2 prior to the game, but please refer to your coach for specifics.
  • Make sure they have appropriate softball attire on for practice and uniforms for games (this includes pants, jerzies, visors and socks provided by the league), it would be best to wear cleats, but this is not a requirement.
  • Provide water, snacks, sunscreen, softball gear, etc at each and every practice/game.
  • We do not require you to work concessions during the regular season, but do ask that all parents/grandparents or gaurdians participate with organizing and working the Home Tournament, this may include concessions; collecting gate fees; helping clean up between games; working on the fields; and general organization. 
How do we decide which team a child plays on?

As of 2024 the new age requirements kick in...if your wondering here is a calculator: https://www.usasoftball.com/age-calculator-test/ Players of a younger age classification may play in older age classifications, but an older age classification player may not play in a younger age classification. All final teams are decided by league administrators and coaches. We will need atleast 12 players to form a team and if we go over that number then we will need to have a full team and additional coaches in order to provide a 2nd team. We will max our teams at no more than 14 players per team this year. 

What is the commitment level?

Age ranges and coaches are always the deciding factor in time commitment, but we usually tell parents to expect the months of March/April to start practices and May & June to be set aside for Softball. Normally, pre-season we expect 2-3 days a week to be set aside for practices after school and on weekends. Once the games start you will have atleast 2-3 days a week where there will be games, plus tournaments in a different community each weekend of June. We always have HOME games in Deadwood and one other night you will travel to a different community for a game. 

When are team schedules released?

We will not have a game schedule until mid April/Early MaySee the Schedules Page for details as it is available.

When are practice schedules available?

We normally have practice schedules created and released by mid April. See the Schedules Page for details as it is available.

Does the U8 team play in the tournaments?

We will not now this until each indivdual turnament is announced, but in the past U8 has not played in a tournament.

Do the U10-U16 teams play in tournaments?

All U10-U16 will play in all tournaments. Plan on late May & every weekend of June. Please plan your summer vacations around these dates if at all possible. 

How much is registration and what do the fees pay for?

Registration fees for 2024 season wil be $50 / player with each additional family member having a $10 off their fee. 

Are there fundraisers throughout the year?

Currently, the only fundraiser we are doing is the Softball Gear Sales. However, we do ask local community partners to help sponsor the team and activities at the beginning of each season as our registration costs do not cover all expenses. So please feel free to donate more to the organization if you wish. You can order merchandise through the Softball Gear Link or go to www.alpineimpressions.net. If your team decides to attend State you will need to do additional fundraising.

How does the team and/or local league communicate with parents? Does the league have a social media presence?

We utilize facebook @diggersoftball; our TeamLinkT website and ap for all comunications. You will be required to set up an account with TeamLinkT in order to receive communicatio. 

Where can I find the Softball Rules?

The Lead-Deadwood Girls Softball Association will follow The Codes and Rules created by the American Softball Association. You can find these rules at www.asausasoftball.com