Registration Player Agreement

Player Registration Agreement

By accepting these terms and submitting this registration to the DDO Executive Softball League, the applicant indicates that he understands and agrees to abide by the following league policies:

1) The philosophy of the league is purely recreational. Any league member who displays behaviour that is in conflict with the spirit or rules of the league, or who exhibits overly aggressive, intimidating or unsportsmanlike behaviour of any type, whether on or off the field, may be subject to disciplinary action. This action may result in suspension(s) or expulsion from the league without reimbursement.

2) It is the responsibility of each player to notify his captain at least 24 hours prior to a game if he is unable to attend. Failure to do so on 2 occasions may be subject to a suspension or expulsion from the league.

3) Each player commits to being available to play at least 17 regular season games (barring injury), or he may be subject to a suspension or expulsion from the league.

4) The applicant understands that teams are formed by open draft, and agrees to play for ANY TEAM that he is drafted by. If a player refuses to for any reason to play for the team he was drafted by he will be placed on the spare list and his registration fee forfeited.

5) The applicant indicates that he is in good health and is physically able to play softball as a member of the league. The applicant understands and assumes all risks of playing the sport of softball, and will not hold the members or executive committee of the D.D.O. Executive Softball League or the city of D.D.O., its employees, agents, mandatories or volunteers responsible for any personal injury (or death), or damages to personal property incurred while participating in this program and specifically, while playing during a softball game.

6) The submission of a registration form acts as an indication of a player's interest and intent to participate in the league for the upcoming season. Only registrations that have been received and paid in full by the registration deadline are eligible to be considered for the upcoming season. Due to limited space available each season, new membership applications will be awarded upon review of a prioritized set of criteria.

7) NO refunds will be granted to any member should they withdraw themselves from participating in the league within 5 days of the annual draft.  There will be no refunds for players who are expelled, or miss games due to injury.