Constitution & Bylaws


The Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Executive Softball League

(Modified 03/2023)


The name of this association shall be The Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Executive Softball League ("The League").



2.1 "The League" is organized to provide access to a structured intramural softball league to all males who have attained the age of 35 years on or before December 31st of each particular calendar year,


a)  who are residents of Dollard-Des-Ormeaux as of the date of registration in each particular playing season,


b)  who were registered members of “The League” in the previous year and remain "members in good standing".


c) who became members of “The League” based on the eligibility drafting procedures referred to in Article 2.3.


2.2  An individual who has played in "The League" during the previous season and has participated in the minimum number of his team's regular season  games as determined by the executive.


a)  has not met the criteria as determined in 2.2 but at the discretion of the executive is deemed to be, by a 2/3 majority, a “member in good standing” due to extenuating circumstance, such as injury, illness or other matters that are deemed to be reasonable by the board.


b) If a player receives two suspensions of at least two games or more over the course of the season or one suspension of 5+ games he is no longer considered to be in good standing. This means he will not be allowed to run for a board position in the following season or have to the right to vote until the next the season begins. His registration and right to captain will be reviewed and voted on by the board. Before the next season begins, the executive board will revisit his standing in the league, and could decide not to let him back in.

c)  A player who has acted in a manner that the executive determines by a 2/3 majority to be detrimental to the well being of “The League” will also lose his good standing.


2.3  Potential players may become registered members of “The League” based on the following criteria:

a)  First ranking will be given to those players that are on the sabbatical list.

b)  Second ranking will be given to players who have actively participated as a “spare” in the previous year, as deemed by the executive.

c)  Third ranking will be given to male Dollard-Des-Ormeaux residents as determined in Article 2.1 and 2.2.

d)  Fourth ranking will be given to male Dollard-Des-Ormeaux non-residents.



3.1  "The League" shall be administered by an Executive;

3.2 The Executive shall consist of ten (10) members, nine (9) of which shall be elected by the "members in good standing", plus the immediate Past President.

3.3  The members of the Executive shall be elected annually in the manner prescribed in the By-Laws of "The League".

3.4  No person may be elected to the office of President unless he has previously been a member of the Executive for at least one (1) full year.  No person may be elected to such office for more than two (2) consecutive years, nor may a person hold the office for more than two (2) years within a four (4) year period;

3.5  The Executive shall be responsible for overseeing the operation and affairs of "The League".  In executing its functions, the Executive shall comply with the provisions of the By-Laws of "The League".



4.1  "The League" shall consist of such number of teams, with such numbers of players on each team, as determined by the Executive of "The League" prior to the commencement of each playing season;

4.2  Each playing season shall consist of such number of regular season and playoff games as determined by the Executive prior to the start of the regular season;

4.3  The Executive shall fix an annual membership fee which shall be payable by each member at the time designated by the Executive.



The Constitution of "The League" may only be amended with the approval of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the "members in good standing" present at a Special Meeting called by the Executive, or participating in a league sanctioned and monitored online vote, for that purpose.  A quorum 50% + 1 of "members in good standing" must be present at this meeting (or participate in the online vote) in order to have an amendment passed.