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Spring Season Baseball

The spring season is the most commonly played season for Baseball in Carleton Russel.  Players are separated into age divisions and in some cases skill delineated divisions.

Division Game / Practice Registration Opens / Closes Season Dates * Fees * League *
TBall 1 per week March 1st / April 31th Regular Season: May 1st to July 31st
No Playoffs
Approx. $150 House League
Rookie Ball
Minors 2 games / 1 practice per week Regular Season: May 1st to June 15th
Playoffs: June 15th to 31st
Majors House League / Interlock
Juniors Approx.$250 Interlock
Season Dates *: Actual start date of the season depends heavily on the weather. Minor to Senior divisions finish earlier than the TBall and Rookie Ball divisions in order to align with the summer ball season.
League*: Once we have enough teams, we will organize a House League where teams will compete against each other within the league. If we do not have enough players to form a House League, we will interlock with other associations to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to play. We understand that travel can be a concern for parents, so we will work to minimize the distance between playing venues whenever possible.
Time *:  Games and practices depend on field availability and differs based on association. Although most games and practices are played at a specific day, time, and field, this is subject to change.
Fees *:  Fees are subject to change. It should also be noted that fees may differ from one association to another.