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CRLL Lightning Safety Policy

CRLL Lightning Safety Policy - CRLL follows Little League and Government of Canada Guidelines, essentially - if either thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the game will be suspended and the 30 minute delay process will begin. See below for more information.

CRLL Air Quality Safety Policy

CRLL Air Quality Safety Policy - CRLL follows Government of Canada and Government of Ontario Air Quality Health Guidelines with respect to rescheduling games during periods of high risk air quality. In recognition of the health concerns with overall Air Quality, CRLL has adopted the following policy:

If the air quality health index (AQHI) is 7 or higher, three (3) hours before game time the games will be postponed. If the AQHI is initially six (6) or below but then increases to seven (7) or higher the game must be stopped at that time.

Please note that the The Air Quality Health Index provides a number from 1 to 10+ to indicate the level of health risk associated with local air quality. The higher the number, the greater the health risk and our need to take precautions.

For additonal information on the Air Quality Health Index and associated guidelines please see the following: Air Quality Health Index -

Even at moderate levels, that are acceptable to play baseball for the general public, certain members of our greater CRLL family may be at higher risk; seniors, parents of children with asthma, and people suffering from diabetes, heart or lung disease, may experience symptoms like eye, nose or throat irritation, cough or difficulty breathing and need to modify participation accordingly,