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Greater Ottawa 19U Baseball League

Since the demise of "Big League" at the end of the 2015 Season, Little League no longer runs a program for our players once they graduate from the Little Leagu Senior Division.

However, the Ottawa area local Little Leagues worked together to create a recreational baseball league offered to players between 17 and 19 years old. The inaugural 2017 season saw 6 teams form what was then known as the "Alumni League" The teams involved came from South Ottawa, Carleton Russell, Mississippi, East Nepean (2 teams), and Ottawa West.

Building on the lessons from the 2017 season the local leagues in Ottawa are continuing to support our older youth by supporting what is now known as the "19U Greater Ottawa Baseball League"

The format is a four-month Regular Season which runs from mid May to early August with two games per week [one Home / one Away], Play-offs and a City Championship. There are neither Provincial, nor National level competitions. It was becoming increasingly difficult for teams to find players available for long trips away for competitions; however teams are free to participate in tournaments as coordinated internally.

​Registration is open to any player in the age range - technically there are no boundary restrictions. However players are asked to register in the league closest to them.

Players who turn 17 on or after September 1 must play Senior Little League. Players who turn 20 at any point prior to 31 Aug are ineligible for 19U.