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CRLL Governance

CRLL Constitution

The CRLL Constitution is an agreement, which governs the aims of our organization, how it will be run, as well as how our members will work together. It is a document that outlines and defines our objectives, membership, roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors (BOD) and other committees and positions that report to the BOD.  It provides procedural guidance in calling for and holding meetings as well as issuing awards to volunteer members. 

What are Constitutional Amendments? 

We acknowledge that our association will continue to grow and evolve and so every year in preparation for the Annual General Meeting (AGM), members are invited to submit suggested amendments (changes) to our Constitution for consideration and voting.

CRLL Bylaws

What are Bylaws? 

While the CRLL Constitution covers the fundamental principles of our organization, it does not prescribe specific procedures for operating within the CRLL.  This is the purpose of the CRLL Bylaws that set out in detail the procedures the CRLL follows to conduct business in an orderly manner. Our Bylaws provide further definition to the articles of the Constitution and can be changed more easily as the needs of the CRLL change.