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Welcome to CRLL!

Carleton Russell Little League (CRLL) is a family affair that gives parents and children a common ground for spending time together. Whether you are coaching the players, helping set up the diamonds, counting pitches, or bringing drinks for the team after the game, your family will hopefully enjoy being a part of Carleton Russell Little League. Most of all, you will love the benefits of participating in your child's activities with Baseball.

Parents, particularily those joining Carleton Russell Little League for the first time, often have many questons and hopefully the information and links to numerous resources available on this page will help everyone feel at ease

Here are a few tips to help your navigate our website:

  • Familiarize yourself with who are under the About CRLL page
  • Have a look at what we offer under the What We Offer page
  • Keep your eyes open for upcoming registration under both the Registration Details and News pages
  • Read and understand the Equipment Guide page to understand what equipment you need to purchase.
  • Have a question? Take a look at the FAQ page reach out to us!