Feb 10, 2021
The Government of Alberta has lifted some restrictions for sports teams and clubs as of Feb. 8. These changes still do no allow us to effectively provide a team training program that is affordable or practical for our members. SPVC will not proceed with our season until we are able to put the majority of the team on a single court. We anticipate that more announcements regarding sports team training and competitions will happen at the end of February.
SPVC will post our tryout schedule when the facilities are able to give us a definate answer about gym rentals soon after AHS announces any changes. At this time all facilities and sport groups are waiting for the next AHS recommendations and restrictions usually released a few days before the lock down end date. We will communicate through our website and facebook the tryout schedule when we can confirm a schedule. If restrictions are lifted be prepared for a short turn around between when the schedule is posted and when the tryout is scheduled. We hope to hold tryouts very soon. We will do our best to inform you.
We hope to provide a meaningful training and compeition season for 2021. SPVC will plan, manage, and host competitions for each age group both male and female. We are committed to the sport of volleyball and the dedicated athletes in the region who choose to pursue excellence in the sport.
Jr. Blizzard Program
It is with great regret that we must announce that the club has decided to cancel the remainer of the 2020 Junior Blizzard season. Group training will only be allowed to resume on March 1st at the earliest which signals that it is time for our athletes to move on to spring and summer activities.
Unfortunately, the length of the stoppage of our Junior Blizzard season has reached a point of no return. It is time for our parents to receive the refund they have been waiting for and allow the kids to move on to other sports. We will all look forward to a full Junior Blizzard season in the fall of 2021.
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