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COMMUNICATION/TEAM MEETINGS — keep the parents in the loop at all times by communicating with them about everything that involves the team. Have team meetings as often as needed.

FUNDRAISING — after you and the coach have decided on a budget, discuss this with the parents and give them options on how they would like to come up with the funds for the season.

FINANCES –  open bank account, with two to sign.  (treasurer and manager) all accounts must be closed 30 days following the last team ice time


  • Saskatoon Zone D Hockey -
  • Tournament Information - check out these sites and follow the tournament links:
  • SMHA - - go to the tab Forms - (medical, Referee evaluation, ICE TIME CHANGES, Affiliation, etc)

Jersey Care
Routine laundering is required and is the responsibility of the team
Jerseys are to be washed in cold or warm water only and hung to dry only.
Machine drying will damage / destroy the jerseys
Jerseys are to be collected and hung in the jersey bag provided after each use. This applies to all groups.
Absolutely NO alterations to jerseys.
No iron on, heat, or adhesive affixed items are to be applied to the jerseys. Velcro can be extremely damaging to jerseys
Name bars – only to be used for Initiation, Novice and Atom divisions only. This is not mandatory, and only if decided on by the team)
Novice jerseys – do not remove the Dodge Caravan bars
RECOMMENDED ALL teams MUST HAVE A JERSEY COORDINATOR to keep track of the team jerseys. Players are not allowed to take home their jerseys.
Informed people are generally quite satisfied. A strong team manager keeps everyone ``in the loop.” Listed below is a checklist of communications related areas that the team manager is responsible for:
Disseminate Information: Managers need to communicate information from the coaches to the players and parents as well as communicating general information to all involved with the team. Two of the quickest ways of getting the work out include email messages to all, or setting up Teamsnap (, there may be a small monthly charge, depending on the services you choose), or by texting. In any case, the manager needs to voice one message or type one message to reach everyone. Keep in mind that not all families are dedicated to reading emails – you may need to create new habits in some! If there is word of a late game change or a short notice addition to the schedule for the team, inform the parents and players to check their emails or their phones at a specified time as a message will be sent out.
Resolve Issues or Problems: Managers should be prepared to deal with problems that may occur throughout the season. A healthy resolution process involves two important points:
(1) a 24 hour cooling off period for the person(s) with the complaint;
(2) if the complaint involves the coaches, that it come through the manager first in case there is just a misunderstanding.
Two key tips in dealing with issues or problems that come your way:
(1) do not communicate via email because tone and intent can be lost and it inhibits a healthy two-way discussion on the issue;
(2) if the issue involves the coaches, try not to speak with the coaches immediately before or after a game or practice – they will likely have enough on their minds and will not be in a good mindset for dealing with a problem just then.
If a problem escalates, it should be discussed with the Renegades coordinator for the respective division, if then it still is not resolved then it should be taken to the Board for evaluation.

  1. Prepare a preliminary team budget
  2. Ensure a financial statement is presented to the parents at least twice during the year (i.e. prior to Jan 15 and at the end of the season)
  3. Assist the treasurer in performing his or her duties of handling funds, obtaining receipts for all allowable expenses
  4. Hold signing authority with the treasurer on all cheques for disbursements of funds – COACHES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HANDLE FUNDS!!
  5. Coordinate all fundraising activities for the team
  6. Ensure Zone team jerseys are worn at all League, exhibition and tournament games. Game jerseys are not to be used at practices. Ensure team jerseys stay in possession of team officials, or team designate, and are not allowed to be taken home by the players
  7. Submit a financial statement within four weeks to the parents of the team. Ensure that all bills are paid at the time
  8. Make hotel arrangements and supply the team with directions to the hotel and arenas for any out of town tournaments

 Prepare a Parent Volunteer Timekeeping/Scorekeeping Schedule – it is mandatory to have parents in the box to do the scorekeeping and time clock. It is always a good idea to have the list prepared prior to up to the parents to make their own shift changes instead of involving the manager. The list can be done alphabetically or by jersey number. It is a good idea to have one experienced person in the timekeeper box whenever possible (Home games supply 2 people – Away games supply 1 person)
Print Roster Labels for Game Sheets - providing your coach with labels for your game sheets will make his or her life easier. Be sure the labels are accurate and have the team name and the captains and assistants identified (if applicable). You will require 3 per game. Some coaches will ask the manager to be responsible for completing the game sheets (4X2 labels using landscape view)
SMHA Paperwork for Ice Time Changes - the coach or manager is responsible to be sure to complete the necessary forms for ice time switches – REMEMBER THAT NO SMHA ICE SHOULD EVER BE LEFT VACANT OR THE TEAM(S) INVOLVED MAY BE CHARGED FOR THAT ICE TIME FROM SMHA.
Checklists – the manager and treasurer should consider the following expenses when preparing their team budget:

  • Extra ice costs for practices or exhibition games
  • Referee costs for exhibition games
  • Team photos
  • Travel costs
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Team clothing
  • Team social functions – Blades games, bowling, swimming, etc
  • Team windup
  • Coaches, manager, treasurer gifts
  • Bank charges
  • Administrative costs  - website, paper, labels


  1. Call to order
  2. Introductions – coach, assistants, manager, treasurer
  3. Coaches expectations from the team:
  4. Number of tournaments
  5. Extra practices and exhibition games
  6. Responsibilities of the players
  7. Dressing room responsibilities
  8. Punctuality: 45 minutes prior to game time? Set the time you would like

 30 minutes prior to practice time? Set the time you would like

Be completely dressed 15 minutes prior to game time to allow coaches to talk with players. No parents in the dressing room during this time or immediately following the game for 5 minutes.


  1. Start up fee
  2. Fundraising
  3. Cost of extra ice
  4. Tournament discussion if you plan on hosting one
  5. Additional volunteers needed:
  6. Treasurer
  7. fundraising coordinator
  8. Tournament coordinator


  1. Person(s) to care for the team jerseys
  2. TRAINER (trainer must have certification from SMHA)
  3. Player of the game coordinator (if applicable)
  4. Discuss means of communication ( i.e. Email, text, Teamsnap)
  5. Hand out players list with parents names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses (if player has two separate addresses include information for both) . Name bars – who doesn’t have one or do you want to use them at all (cannot put name bars on the new jerseys, peewee, bantam and midget)
  6. Complaints – direct them to your manager first, then to coordinator if not satisfied with response
  7. Team goals – parent input through the questionnaire would be helpful
  8. Alcohol use will not be tolerated at any team player functions
  9. If your child is sick or cannot attend a game, let the appropriate officials know, as much in advance as possible
  10. Complaints and concerns to the coaching staff should be addressed face-to-face in the absence of players and not immediately following a game – with 24 hour rule in effect and manager present . A caution on how you talk in front of your child – your views may be reflected (i.e. Guard against negative comments)
  11. Parent feedback is needed to make this year successful.