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Saskatoon Zone D Memorial Player Awards

Duncan Macpherson Award
U13 Player of the Year

Duncan MacPherson (February 3, 1966 – August 9, 1989) was a professional hockey player who died under mysterious circumstances. He was born in Saskatoon and played for the Zone D Raiders.   A standout defensive defenceman for the Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League, MacPherson was drafted in the first round, 20th overall, of the 1984 NHL Entry Draft by the New York Islanders.  He played minor league hockey for the Springfield Indians of the American Hockey League and the Indianapolis Ice of the International Hockey League. In the summer of 1989, he was in Scotland and never returned home. 

2023-2024 Parker Wiens and Joel Schuler

2022-2023 Bogdan Kovalenko and Jonas Park

2021-2022 - Koehn Leverick, Aven Springman


2020-2021 - Blaze Pettapiece, Trentin Kooy
2019-2020 - Logan Ruehs, Ben Staines   
2018-2019 - Ryken Kozak
2017-2018 - Carter Brassard, Nolan Ganton
2016-2017 - Erik Slusar, Nikolas Bantle
2015-2016 - Layne Materi, Aidan Liebrecht
2014-2015 Anaka Timmerman, Nicholas Zemluck, Aiden Riehl
2013-2014 Zach Kramchynsky & Alex Regier &Morgan Hilderbrand
2012-2013 Doug Fleming & John Conteraas
2011-2012 Brayden Betke

2010-2011 Jared Thompson & Joel Zaidan
2009-2010 Brenden Huel
2008-2009 Kyle Forbister
2007-2008 Daulton Perrillat
2006-2007 Dillon Bell
2005-2006 Kyle Beierle
2004-2005 Brady Guimond
2003-2004 Codey Ito
2002-2003 Chad Suer
Jack Gustafson Award
U15 Player of the Year


This award will be presented annually to a graduating member of the Bantam ‘A’ Renegades Hockey Association.
The player is chosen for the desire, dedication, and love of the game that Jack exemplified in his playing days.

Jack (Jacki) Gustafson enjoyed hockey immensely.  He started playing hockey in 1967 - 68 with the North Park Playgrounds Hockey League, winning the Area 3 Championship that season.  Jack's talent earned him a spot on the Pee Wee North Stars "A" Division team managed by Murray McKee.  Jack and the North Stars participated in the Murray McKee tournament in 1972 - 73 and won the "A" division consolation.

For Jack, winning wasn't everything, it was how you played the game that counted and always giving 100% was the philosophy instilled upon him as a young boy.  Jack's team spirit earned him many friends in all the sports he participated in and will be sadly missed by all.

2023-2024 William Meier

2022-2023 Austin Rosa and Evan McNabb
2021-2022 Jordan Diehl
2020-2021 - Koda Tran, Jacob Ball
2019-2020 - Cole German
2018-2019 - Paydon Couture, Tobin Issel 
2017-2018 - Robbie Logan
2016-2017 - Aidan Bohle, Matthew Koroll
2015-2016 - Alex Mayhew, Zach Kramchynsky
2014-2015 Tucker Gierl, Ethan McCaig
2013-2014 Andrew Busby & Tyson Pryhitka
2012-2013 Preston Wutke & Jared Thompson
2011-2012 Skylar Thompson & Austin Pryhytka
2010-2011 Cal Ledoux & Mitchell Lyons
2009-2010 Devin Hucul
2008-2009 Sam Murphy
2007-2008 Jamie Bell
2006-2007 Jared Tehse
2005-2006 Duane Smith
2004-2005 Gaelan Patterson
2003-2004 Justin Leclerc
2002-2003 Russell Goodman
1997 Mike Broadfoot

Chris Mantyka
U18 Player of the Year


This award is presented annually to a senior member of the Midget Renegades hockey association.  The player is chosen for the desire, dedication and love for the game that Chris exemplified during his playing days.

Chris played his minor hockey for the Raiders and went on to play for the Swift Current Broncos of the Western Junior Hockey League.  it was on December 30, 1986, that a tragic bus accident took Chris' life along with three Bronco teammates.

2023-2024 Nathan Folk

2022-2023 Riley Delorme


2019-2020 - Matthew Koroll
2018-2019 - Nicholas Erickson, Alex Regher
2017-2018 - Dayton Betke
2016-2017 - Bryn Mantyka
2015-2016 - Connor Hogan
2014-2015 Skyler Thomson, Reed Murphy
2013-2014 Daxon Thomson & Spencer Murphy
2012-2013 Ryan Cote & Brodie Bzdel

2011-2012 Sam Murphy & Denin Kidd
2010-2011 Kyle Beirle & Matthew Kehrig
2009-2010 Jacob Hanson
2008-2009 Derrek Neufeld
2007-2008 Nick Spizawka
2006-2007 Kazz Ito
2005-2006 Myles Jeffers 
2004-2005 Michael Watts
2003- 2004 Bryce Henley
2002-2003 Scott Holowachuk
1997 Mark Hauk
1996 Geoff Bodnarek
1995 Shawn Camp
1994 Chad Sawatzky
1993 JeSalmaso
1992 Curtis Veale
1991 Kersten Engele
1990- Tagen Rak
1989 Pat Borsa
1988 Keith Leach
1987 Richard Chestolowoski
Zachary Dawson
Goaltender of the Year 

This award is presented annually to a goalie of the Atom through Bantam age group of the Renegades hockey association.  The player is chosen for their desire, dedication, sportsmanship and love of the game that Zach exemplified during his years on the ice.

Zach played minor hockey as a goalie with the Renegades zone during his young life.  It was in the fall of 2011 that Zach was taken from us much too soon.  The Goalie of the Year award will allow us to keep Zach's spirit alive as this award is handed out from year to year.
2023-2024 Tayte Knihnitski
2022-2023 Daylen Jasken ( Daylen's teammates accepted it on his behalf)
2021-2022 - Ashton Kohlman
2019-2020 - Kellin Shaw
2018-2019 - Carter Simms
2017-2018 - Jordan Pura, Keenan Hunchak
2016-2017 - Barrett Berezitzky
2015-2016 - Alex Felix
2014-2015 Aiden Bohle
2013-2014 Theo Gadoua
2012-2013 Andrew Smith & Harrison King
2011-2012  Jake Kowalchuk