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Refund Policy

*** If season is cancelled due to the COVID pandemic, player registration fee (in whole or in part to be determined) less administration fees will be processed for refund.


  1. If a player quits for any reason before his/her tryout times, they will be entitled to a 90% registration fee refund.
  2. If a player quits for any reason after the tryout times and before their 1st game, they will be entitled to 70% registration fee refund.
  3. If a player quits for any reason prior June 1st they will be entitled to a 30% registration fee refund.
  4. There will be no refunds considered after June 1st for any reason.

Regulations for Refunds

  1. The Registrar must be notified verbally of all refunds.
  2. In order for a refund to take effect and reimbursement to occur the Registrar must receive a letter or email within seven days of verbal notification.
  3. The effective date for a refund will be the date the registrar has been informed, either verbally, a formal letter or email.
  4. Refunds will not be reimbursed in the form of cash.
  5. Any portions of registrations paid through a third party (KidSport, Jumpstart, bingo credits, etc.) will not be eligible for reimbursement.
  6. Refunds will only be given on registration fees; team fees are separate and are to be dealt with directly with the team.
  7. The Refund Policy will apply to all reasons for quitting including medical or relocation.
  8. Once a refund is issued, the player shall be deemed to have finished the current season and will not be permitted to continue with his/her team for any reason.
  9. Bingo accounts will be paid out as per bingo payout policy.
  10. There shall be no appeal of this refund policy under any circumstance.