Kingston Grenadiers Football Club
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The Kingston Grenadiers is a volunteer run organization. We rely solely
on the efforts of parents and volunteers (parent volunteers) to make the organization functional and viable.

We need YOUR help whenever you feel you can offer your time and skills.


Every family who has a child or children registered with the Grens must submit a Volunteer Commitment deposit in the amount of $250 to ensure that work is equitably distributed amongst all our members, and families are expected to contribute a minimum of 3 hours during the season.

Bingo Volunteers

These volunteers put in great effort year-round to raise funds through the Play! Charitable Gaming Association (PCGA). Thanks to the contributions from PCGA, we can concentrate on delivering high-quality programs that enhance the lives of young athletes in our communities. You can join us by committing just 2 hours a month.


Through this fundraising initiative, our generous supporters can receive charitable tax receipts for donations exceeding $10.00.

Corporate SPONSORSHIP   

When local businesses support us as sponsors, they join our mission to nurture the physical, mental, and emotional growth of children from all backgrounds in an enjoyable, healthy, and competitive setting. Youth sports organizations rely on corporate sponsors and partnerships to reach their full potential, as growth is a collective effort. We offer various packages tailored to all budgets, catering to businesses of any size, whether they aim to promote their brand to a new audience or advertise local services within our community.