Kingston Grenadiers Football Club
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without the support of our football families and to ensure that work is equitably distributed amongst all our members, families are expected to contribute in some way. As part of our registration fees, a $250 Volunteer Commitment post-dated cheque or PAD form is required and is returned once the volunteer hours (3 hours total) are completed. But this isn't just for the parents! Friends, family members and fans of the Grens are welcome.

Practice and Game Day Volunteers can click here for available spots –   

Although most of these “shifts” are for a portion of our home games or during our practice times, if you have a player on one of our teams, we recommend that you sign up for the other’s team game (if your player is a Junior, please consider signing up for the Varsity game) so can enjoy your player’s game.

We are still looking for help with filming the Junior practices - all equipment provided, it's a little more time commitment and perfect for a student looking to complete their volunteer hours! Contact