Kingston Grenadiers Football Club
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Existing Volunteer Shifts - 

New Volunteer Training - New volunteers are required to complete a two-step training program that includes reading the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) document and on-line component (approx. 30 minutes). Feedback has been that the online training was an easy process, easy to follow, and gave new volunteers a good indication of what to expect at their first bingo shift. Once you have completed the on-line training, contact our Volunteer Coordinator to schedule you for a “shadowing” shift with an experienced volunteer from our organization. Emma can be reached at

Making a difference - We cannot thank you enough for your time and ongoing support. Our bingo volunteers work tirelessly to raise funds through Play! Charitable Gaming Association (PCGA).  This year-round initiative also helps families overcome social and economic barriers, which may have prevented or limited their participation, by receiving a credit for every shift completed. Thanks to contributions made through the Play! Charitable Gaming Association (PCGA), we can focus on providing quality programs that help improve the lives of young athletes in the communities we serve.

Volunteer impact - In 2023, our team of volunteers has raised over $35,000 to benefits our kids. You can join us for as little as 2 hours a month. The funds raised through allow our organization to continue providing AAA football programing in a positive and safe environment for every athlete by helping cover the gap in funding for things like;

  • Field rentals
  • Player transportation
  • Acquiring and maintaining equipment
  • Acquiring and maintaining new technology necessary to ensure player safety
  • Uniform costs
  • Athletic therapist
  • Remaining accessible to players of all walks of life